TusStar Eco-city Base welcomes five new companies to settle

2017-09-27 08:57

As a pioneer in innovation and entrepreneurship, the TusStar Business Incubator has been widely favored by entrepreneurs. Reporters learned from the TusStar Eco-city Base that a few days ago, five innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises passed the assessment and officially settled in the TusStar Eco-city Base, involving medication, education, catering service platforms and other fields.

Easy dining service platform project is one of the incubated projects. The platform is mainly to serve catering enterprises and restaurants as well as all kinds of related upstream and downstream businesses and individuals. Customers can use the mobile phones to scan the QR code to make orders and to checkout. After completing the ordering process, the kitchen system will use audio or text to pass the customer ordering information to the kitchen. The inventory system will base on the sales of food to predict the demand for ingredients. The food supplier system will analyze the demand for all kinds of ingredients, provide suppliers with accurate food purchases and reduce losses. Food production enterprises or base system will use data analysis to get prepared in advance and conduct accurate production. In addition to the platform project, mobile CT project, the international experience camp project, venture education project and 3D printing medical services project are hatching in the Eco-city, injecting a new vitality to industries there.

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