The 1000th leased aircraft delivery in Dongjiang Bonded Port Area

2017-09-28 17:06

On September 22, the 1,000th leased aircraft was delivered in Dongjiang Bonded Port Area at the Airbus Tianjin Delivery Center. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, met with guests attending the ceremony. Zhao Haishan, Vice Mayor, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Li Cailiang, a member of District Standing Party Committee and District Secretary of District Party Committee, attended. Shen Lei, Director of Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Bonded Port presided over the delivery ceremony. Responsible persons from relevant departments of the Municipality and districts participated.

Zhang Yuzhuo extended welcome to the guests who attended the event and gratitude for the long-term support for the development of the financial leasing industry in Binhai New Area. He said that the development of the financial leasing industry is a very important role model for the financial industry to serve the real economy, to prevent and control financial risks and to deepen financial reform. With the support of the broad financial institutions and entrepreneurs, the financial leasing industry in Binhai New Area has developed rapidly, and the industrial agglomeration effect has become increasingly prominent. The overall development level of the industry has been in the national leading position. At present, Binhai New Area has entered a climax development from the start-up period, and is accelerating the creation of a prosperous and livable smart city, and striving to create the most favorable, most convenient and most comfortable service environment for the majority of financiers and entrepreneurs. We hope that everybody will seize the good opportunity for the development of Binhai New Area, further increase investment in Binhai New Area and settle more large and good projects here. We work hard together with sleeves up to build a better future.

Zhao Haishan said that Tianjin has been prioritizing the financial leasing industry as a key for development. Today, the financial leasing industry has become a beautiful business card in Tianjin in terms of the new business model and the new economic development, as well as an important breakthrough in the pilot systematic innovation. Tianjin’s leasing industry has formed an international, marketed and legal environment with a diversified financing environment, excellent foreign exchange management environment, efficient and standardized tax environment, compliance with the port regulatory environment, improved sound judicial environment, professional and enthusiastic service environment and so on.(By Wang Ning)

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