Dongjiang Bonded Port Area ranks among the world-class aviation leasing cluster

2017-09-28 17:07

On September 22, a new Airbus A320 passenger aircraft flew from Hamburg, Germany to Tianjin Binhai International Airport, which is 1,000th aircraft introduced by the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area by means of leasing. The tenant of the aircraft is ICBC leasing. The aircraft will be delivered after the arrival in Eastern Airlines for domestic routes. Up to now, the number of leased aircrafts in Dongjiang Bonded Port Area has reached 1,000, becoming the largest aircraft leasing cluster after in world following Ireland.

"Dongjiang model" boosts aircraft leasing to "take off".

"Before 2010, the size of China's civil aviation aircrafts was about 1900, and about 1,200 aircrafts were introduced through foreign leasing companies from Ireland and other countries. In December 2009, ICBC Leasing used the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area to complete the first leasing business of a single aircraft – it successfully introduced two Boeing B777-F freighters to fill in the blank of the Chinese leasing industry in the field of aviation," said a relevant person in charge of the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area.

It is learned that, in recent years, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area uses its functional advantages as the Northern International Shipping Center bestowed by China Relying and promotes the leasing industry policy innovation for the first time. It is the first to carry out bonded leasing, export leasing, joint leasing and offshore leasing and other more than 30 leasing business models, to promote the innovation on regulatory approach and transaction structure, to explore the useful experience to the national replication promotion and to form the "Dongjiang model" for domestic and international recognized aircraft leasing.

At present, China's civil aviation fleet has 3141 aircrafts, and about 60% are introduced through leasing. Among the introduced leased aircrafts, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area introduced 776 civil aviation aircrafts, accounting for about 40% of the market share. The beneficial exploration of the Dongjiang model has played a huge role in promoting the development of aviation industry, including aircraft leasing companies, air transport enterprises and local aircraft manufacturing enterprises.

Aircraft leasing is driving the development of aviation manufacturing.

In recent years, the "Dongjiang model" has filled the gaps in China's leasing industry. With the rise of a large number of leasing companies, the rapid growth of operating and managing aircraft assets contribute to the formation of benign competition in the global aircraft leasing market, thus it significantly reduces the cost of aircraft procurement, efficiently supports China's aviation industry and the overall development of the transport industry and promotes the domestic economic growth and structural transformation.

China Civil Aviation News data show that as of the end of last year, civil aviation industry transport aircrafts was 2950 aircrafts and 2096 general aviation enterprises in the total number of registered aircrafts while eight domestic airline companies have more than 100 aircrafts. China's civil aviation industry ranks the second in the world,  in terms of the passenger turnover, cargo and mail turnover, total turnover and other indicators, which is only behind the United States.

The rapid growth of the leasing industry and the aviation industry has led to the development of domestic aviation manufacturing enterprises. The development of bonded import leasing business can promote the rapid growth of domestic aircraft leasing companies, and domestic aircraft leasing companies are the backbones to boost domestic aircrafts to enter the domestic and international market. Through the platform of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area, leasing companies have launched boat 60 Xinzhou domestic aircraft leasing businesses while rental business of ARJ21, C919 and other domestic large aircrafts is also being promoted. In the C919 orders, the ICBC Leasing, as the representative of more than 10 domestic rental companies, ordered more than 600 aircrafts.

Dongjiang platform helps enterprises to "fly" abroad.

In addition to the achievements in domestic market, more and more Chinese leasing companies use the platform of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area to go abroad to participate in international competition. With the implementation of the "Belt and Road" major national strategy, aircraft leasing industry has also ushered in an important opportunity period when the national market of Belt & Road countries are open for win-win cooperation.

It is learned that last year, the New Silk Road Leasing used the platform of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area to complete three new aircraft leasing businesses with Pakistan's Quiet Airlines. This year, China Airlines Leasing uses the platform of Dongjiang Bonded Port Area to provide two aircrafts to Georgia Myway Airlines. Internationally well-known aircraft leasing companies such as Aercap, ALC, Avolon, etc. have also carried out nearly 100 aircraft leasing businesses in the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area so international cooperation has been strengthened. "Belt and Road" + "Dongjiang model" has become an important way for aircraft leasing industry and even the Chinese aviation industry to realize new development.

At present, the Dongjiang Bonded Port Area has been nurturing and helping 50 or so domestic enterprises to carry out aircraft leasing businesses, trained nearly a team with a thousand professional high-end talents. At the same time, the Administrative Committee of Dongjiang Bonded Port, ICBC Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Minsheng Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. are approved to set up three post-doctoral research stations by the National Postdoctoral Office to provide intellectual support to the establishment of the leasing industry.

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