New projects of 58 Group settled in TEDA

2017-09-28 17:09

On September 25, the 58 group project of "Zhuanzhuan" second-hand goods trading platform headquarters and 58 Software Company settled in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area. Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, met Yao Jinbo, Chairman of 58 Group and his delegation. The following political figures participated: Li Cailiang, a member of District Standing Party Committee and Secretary of District Party Committee;  Xia Qinglin, Deputy District Governor; Xu Datong, Secretary of TEDA Work Committee and Director of the Administrative Committee of TEDA; responsible persons from relevant departments.

Zhang Yuzhuo firstly extended welcome to the guests and congratulation to the project settled in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA for short). He said, the business of 58 Group covers a wide range and serves thousands of households, which is a model of the application of "Internet + modern service industry". Since the 58 Group settled in Binhai New Area, it has maintained a strong momentum of development as a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development model, and has played a good leading demonstration role. At present, Binhai New Area is holding the high banner of intelligent industry, actively planning the strategic layout of intelligent technology industry, accelerating the cultivation of "big intelligence" innovation system, and vigorously promoting the development of intelligent economy. The 58 Group chose to set new business in Binhai New Area, which fully embodies the long-term development of the enterprise’s strategic vision. He hoped that the 58 Group could take the new settled projects as an opportunity to further deepen the pragmatic cooperation with Binhai New Area, to bring more large and good projects to Binhai New Area at the same time, to actively promote Binhai New Area, to help Binhai New Area to attract more outstanding enterprises and projects. Binhai New Area will actively practice the concept of "industry first and entrepreneurs are the bosses", to create the best quality service environment and to help enterprises in Binhai New Area to flourish.

Yao Jinbo briefed the development of the 58 Group. He said Binhai New Area has an efficient and comfortable service environment, which boosts its confidence to develop in Binhai New Area. The 58 Group will put more important new businesses in Binhai New Area in the future while vigorously promoting good development environment in Binhai New Area to create a better future together with Binhai New Area.

The settled "Zhuanzhuan" second-hand items trading platform is a professional C2C second-hand idle goods trading platform, which is mainly engaged in APP, Internet and other second-hand items consignment, recycling, identification, extension and so on. The 58 software company, as the core department of the 58 Group’s software development, sets up an information systems, product and technology research and development and other research and development departments, to establish a strong R & D team and to improve the quality of research and development system which is engaged in software system project development to provide relevant information technology consulting and technical services.

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