Finding out the whole area of marine home to build marine economic highlands

2017-09-28 17:11

On September 25, the reporters learned from the Binhai New Area that in the First Leading Group Office for Marine Economic Survey that in accordance with the national and municipal unified deployment, Binhai New Area started the first marine economic survey. The survey covers 16908 legal entities in the seven functional zones in the Binhai New Area and 18 streets and towns. It covers tasks such as marine-related unit inventory, industrial surveys, and thematic surveys and so on.

A Binhai New Area Marine-related Units Directory will be established.

According to the relevant person in charge of the District Investigation Office, the first national marine economic survey was carried out to comprehensively and accurately grasp the development of the marine economy in Binhai New Area. In-depth analysis of the problems and development directions of marine economy was not only the important initiatives in implementation of the strategic plan, but it is also for scientific long-term development planning of the marine economy in urgent needs. The first marine economic survey in Binhai New Area is an important part of the marine economic survey. The objectives of this survey are to establish a new list of marine-related units and to comprehensively master the basic situation of the marine economy in Binhai New Area.

The objectives are legal entities that engage in marine economic activities in the administrative area of Binhai New Area in the sea survey. The survey was conducted at 24:00 on December 31, 2015 and the survey period was 2015, involving more than 360 categories of small enterprises and institutions in the national economy. The survey covers 16908 legal entities in the seven functional zones in the Binhai New Area and 18 streets and towns. The relevant units and investigators will sign agreements to strictly abide by the investigation system.

The investigation tasks are divided into organizations which carry out inventories to marine-related units, to cooperate with Tianjin's industrial survey and special investigation. Among them, the marine unit inventory is a new area engaged in marine economic activities in terms of the number of corporate units, sizes, industry categories, distributions and other to carry out the inventory. The investigation of the marine-related units is carried out by the functional zones, streets and towns. According to the Tianjin Subcommittee, which is issued by the Tianjin Investigative Office, it is necessary to carry out the household inventory, to issue the notice and the inventory, and to identify whether the units are engaged in marine economic activities one by one. On this basis, the establishment of Tianjin Binhai New Area Marine-related Units Directory will be issued. The seizure unit records a set of inventory, including marine products produced by various legal entities, marine services provided, marine production materials or auxiliary materials engaged in marine engineering construction projects and the establishment of marine professionals.

The industry survey is conducted on the production and operation of marine industry, marine related industries, the production and service provision, the export situation, the raw materials and the main production equipment. The industry survey is conducted by the social professional investigation agencies commissioned by the Tianjin Investigations Office while the functional zones, and streets and towns are responsible for the completion of industrial survey.

The marine units clearance is about to start.

It is reported that the survey is divided into four stages, respectively, the preparation stage, inventory stage, industry and special investigation stage and summing up and acceptance stage.

At present, the preparatory work has been completed, and the marine units’ inventory now starts. The investigation offices in functional zones, streets and towns will organize investigators to send notices, to guide the marine units to fill in the inventory, to collect information, and to successively enter the data information. During the industry and special investigation stage, Binhai New Area will abide by the unified requirements of Tianjin Survey Office to do a good job with industry research and special investigation.

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