Tianjin Jin Yuan Bao Group writes a glorious history with stable sales in leading position in business sector in Binhai New Area

2017-09-28 17:12

"22 years with shared wonderful stories!" Tianjin Jin Yuan Bao Business Group Co., Ltd. shares its glory with consumers at the anniversary celebration in the store.

"Homeopathic and sustainable development" is a catch phrase of the general manager Lu Wensheng of the Jin Yuan Bao Mall, which has been steadily advancing for more than 20 years. It also has difficult times in the global economic slowdown in 2016, however, it withstands the pressure, comply with the ere and take more measures simultaneously, to promote sustainable development of enterprises, so that it can achieve a comprehensive sales of 7 billion yuan, maintaining the previous year's sales performance and stabilizing the leading position in the business sector in Binhai New Area.

Promoting institutional reform to explore innovative business model

2017 marks a year in the country to deepen the implementation of the "Thirteenth Five-year" Plan, as well as a key year to reconstruct the Jin Yuan Bao Group. In the face of the increasingly competitive overall business environment, Jin Yuan Bao Group continues to deepen reform and innovation, to maintain steady development, to closely stick to the requirement of "one center and five keys", to coordinate, to play advantages, to face the market and to seek for innovation and changes. It has shown a better momentum of development in the first three quarters of this year.

In recent years, Jin Yuan Bao Group takes the enterprise systematic reform as an opportunity to strive to promote the company's internal governance structure reform and supply-side structural reform, with good results achieved.

Under the strong support of the Binhai New Area District Government, the enterprise systematic reform has made significant progress. It has completed the audit assessment, legal audit and other related basic works and restructuring work to achieve real progress. Nowadays, it is pushing forward the progress of restructuring work, strengthening communication and consultation with relevant government departments while unifying its mindset and doing the same thing to do a good job in the relationship between property rights, clarification of the asset structure, improvement of the corporate governance structure and other related works. It offers the employees with shares, establishes a sound management system in line with the law of the development of the operating mode, and further stimulates the cadres, workers, masters and entrepreneurs to help enterprises with sustainable and healthy development.

The corporate systematic reform is advancing in depth. In the face of a new round of market competition, Jin Yuan Bao Group conducts in-depth research, does a good job on the basis of market analysis, looks at the overall situation, highlights the advantages, focuses on t consumer groups tilt, introduces fashion and personalized trend of brands, expands the market with innovative mindset, develops new economic growth points, and strengthens the core competitiveness of the Mall. From January to September this year, Jin Yuan Bao Group owned Jinyuanbao commercial buildings, Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center, Jinyuanbao Yujiapu Shopping Center, Jinyuanbao Oriental Plaza and other stores under file decoration while introducing multiple fashionable new products and enhancing the mall's fashion and brand competitiveness. While adjusting the brands in the mall, the company’s affiliated Jinyuanbao Seafood, Jinyuanbao Store Food Gallery and other food and beverage formats have also introduced new dishes and new services, so that consumers can really experience eating, drinking and shopping fun in the one-stop service, which plays the advantages of the mall, highlights the "sticky" feature and enhances sales.

Innovative marketing model can improve the core competitiveness.

"What are the business secrets of Jinyuanbao? In fact, the answer is only innovation. We stick to this principle all the way," said Lu Wensheng, General Manager of Jin Yuan Bao Group, to the reporter, when he was looking at the consumers in the shopping mall.。

With the application of new technologies and enhanced sense of innovation, Jin Yuan Bao Group keeps innovation and deep plowing, and has made a great breakthrough in the membership management, services, marketing and other aspects. Adhering to the marketing idea of "festivals bringing market and market creating shopping spree", Jin Yuan Bao Group actively responds to the market and innovatively carries out different forms of theme marketing activities, to form full coverage activities and marketing normalization.

Combined with the market and sales needs, the Group uses planned high-quality marketing activities to do a good job to enhance participation, interaction, culture and fun of the activities with new moves, new tricks, bright spots and funs to attract consumption.

Keeping up with the pace of fashion, it deeply explores potential features of Wechat platform, grasps the angle, expands the width and uses WeChat release to attract consumers’ attention. This year, sales at different time nodes have reached or exceeded those of the same period last year. It provides innovative production in the form of WeChat with delicate details to make the WeChat platform into a strong corporate media. Recently, its WeChat members have exceeded tens of thousands of people.

Jin Yuan Bao Group uses the membership system to create more opportunities to connect with consumers, and to constantly improve their own service levels and to improve customers’ loyalty and viscosity.

Talking about the future, Lu Wensheng said: Jin Yuan Bao Group will base on the characteristics of regional economic development, introduce and adjust brands, so that the stores affiliated to the Group can realize dislocation operations with their own characteristics to meet the different needs of various customers; it will deepen service content, innovate service initiatives and play the advantages of physical stores, so that customers can experience the whole-process humanized thanksgiving intimate servicces. At the same time, it will increase the application of information technology and online-offline integration. Jin Yuan Bao Group will take the Jinyuanbao Binhai International Shopping Center and Jinyuanbao Ailaiwuyou Electronics Store as pilots to gradually implementa wireless POS, mobile payment, electronic payment and other new payment methods.(By Wang Ning)

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