Electronic information industry in Binhai New Area aims at OLED

2017-09-29 17:52

On September 27, with the support of the Binhai New Area government, the "China International OLED Industry Conference 2017", by the China OLED Industry Alliance to show the global industry association, was held in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, where hundreds of people engaged in production, research and politics of the OLED industry shared wonderful thoughts on the collision of the new pattern of the OLED industry and to discuss opportunities and challenges of the OLED industry. Analysts believe that with the increasing demand for downstream OLED panels, domestic OLED production capacity is entering a critical stage of rapid expansion, and Binhai New Area, as an electronic information industry gathering area, will make achievements in the future.

Enterprises rush on the OLED industry with a "big outbreak".

It is reported that OLED is a self-luminous organic material attached to the glass or plastic substrate display technology. Compared with liquid crystal display (LCD), it does not need backlight, color filters, polarizing filters and other components, so it can be thinner. At the same time, because the material uses a natural light source, it can show almost natural color, which also has an overwhelming advantages in contrast, outdoor visibility, viewing angle, etc.. In addition, OLED can be further designed to be flexible and foldable flexible screens. Based on the above advantages, OLED display has been widely used in smart phones, tablet PCs, smart watches, sports smart rings and other equipment, with an expanding market.

"Under the environment of the development of the entire industry, the global OLED industry is further accelerating the development, and now, whether mobile phone manufacturers, TV manufacturers or channel manufacturers are deploying the power OLED industry," Peng Hongbing, Deputy Director of Department of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pointed out at this conference.

Reporters learned at the conference that as the promoter of OLED screen popularization, Apple Company has realized that there is a certain development risk with supply of OLED screen from third parties for a long time so recently it began to buy equipment to build OLED panel production lines, and started research and development of related products and technologies. Not only that, with the iPhone X will soon be launched, this phone using OLED screen will detonate the entire mobile phone industry, and the mobile phone industry will also enter the OLED era. At the same time, Samsung, LGD and other major manufacturers are also stepping up the layout to seize market shares. In addition to foreign enterprises, domestic related enterprises such as Visionox, Tianma, BOE, and CSOT are also accelerating introduction of their respective OLED products.

With the giants, domestic enterprises have followed up, and OLED is expected to replace the LCD display technology as the future lead. Based on the LCD itself which has a market space of hundreds of billions of US Dollars, in the future OLED has a very large market space in the field of smart phones and televisions so the industry has been facing the edge of "outbreak". According to market research firm IHS Markit's forecast, the global sales volume of OLEDs in 2017 will reach 20.994 billion US Dollars, which is nearly double that of 10.639 billion US Dollars in 2015.

Strong industrial base in Binhai New Area is expected to make a contribution.

"The convening of the conference, one can see the great concern of Binhai New Area government and the Eco-city on the relevant industries," said Peng Hongbing. According to the reporter, output value of electronic information industry in Binhai New Area represented by mobile phones and chip manufacturing in 2016 is expected to reach about one-third of the total output value. In the next step, Binhai New Area will also prioritize the display industry especially the OLED technology as the main direction of development.

As one of China's important electronic information industry bases, Binhai New Area have obvious advantages in development-related industries. It is learned that Binhai New Area has two state-level new industrial industry demonstration bases say electronics industry in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA for short) and Tianjin Binhai High-tech Zone Software and Information Services Industry, and it also has Tianjin Samsung Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Samsung Horizon Mobile Co., Ltd., Tianjin Samsung Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., and Hongfujin Electronics Co., Ltd., which have output value of over 10 billion yuan, as well as Spreadtrum Communications, Inc., Tianjin Tiandy Technology Co., Ltd., Sugon Information Industry Co., Ltd., and more than 20 enterprises, which have output value of over 1 billion yuan. While the Samsung plant in TEDA West also has useful attempts in OLED production.

In addition, Binhai New Area has a number of electronic information industry development carriers such as TEDA, Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, Binhai New Area Internet Industrial Park, Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park and so on. These carriers are constantly carrying more and more settled electronic information companies with an annual new registered enterprises of over 100 such as Didi, OFO, Baihe.com, Sohu Video, Tencent Digital, Future TV and a number of enterprises to settle, which provide upstream and downstream channels for the development of related industries in Binhai New Area.

Analysis of the industry experts hold that Binhai New Area has obvious advantages and has formed an electronic information industry represented by smart devices. The activities for the future development of new OLED industry have brought resources and enterprises. It is certain that with the communication of the industry, Binhai New Area will have achievements in the market competition of the new generation of display technology.

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