District Market Supervision Bureau issues business licenses to 37 businesses on-site in Binhai Cultural Center

2017-09-29 17:53

"When doing business you should pay attention to two issues: one is the safety of ingredients, and the second is to prepare samples every day." In the afternoon of September 27, in the commercial streets of the Binhai Cultural Center, the relevant person in charge of Binhai New Area Market Authority was inspecting the food safety responsibility information bulletin board on the wall while carefully asking the businessmen. On the same day, the 18th branch of the Party Committee of the Regional Market Supervision Bureau and the Party Branch of the Binhai Cultural Center Investment Management Co., Ltd. signed an agreement for party building and issued business licenses to the Binhai Cultural Center. District Market Supervision Bureau then came to the Commercial Street of Binhai Cultural Center to supervise and inspect services business, to guide the bulletin board on the wall and to provide security protection for the businesses during the "National Holiday" in the Binhai Cultural Center.

In the signing scene of the agreement, Binhai Cultural Center, on behalf of 37 busnissmen, received business licenses, and on behalf of 10 businesses, it received a food business license. Reporters saw on the scene that the Clay Figurines Pavilion has exhibited a number of exhibits, and the electronic screen at the door wrote "Trial operation for 3 days from October 1". The Binhai Library has nearly 120,000 published books and the luminous staircase of the Performing Arts Center has changed the bright colors in the shape of stars. Businessmen in the Commercial Street are doing the final preparation like price lists, advertisement and so on to decorate the scene in a very lively way.

According to the person in charge, the Binhai Cultural Center is one of the people's livelihood projects by the Binhai New Area and the district government. It is the Binhai New Area's new cultural brand. The Binhai Cultural Center will be opened to the public during the "National Holiday". The District Market Bureau will strengthen market supervision and actively develop services to ensure that the Binhai Cultural Center and business are opened simultaneously.

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