Water supply in Tanggu increased by 35,000 cubic meters

2017-09-29 17:54

On September 27, reporters learned from the Tanggu Sino-French Water Supply Company that after nearly three months of trial run, recently, Tanggu Sino-French Water Supply Company had a new water plant systematic expansion project, jointly inspected and approved by the construction management and health supervision departments in Binhai New Area to be qualified for official production run. This marks that the daily production capacity of the new water plant has increased by 35,000 cubic meters so the Tanggu regional water supply capacity is increased to 345,000 cubic meters, further improving the water supply level in core Tanggu urban area in Binhai New Area.

Prior to the Tanggu Street, three water plants have design water supply capacity of 310,000 cubic meters / day. In recent years, with the development of Binhai New Area, Tanggu urban water supply area has been expanding, and the population in urban areas gradually increased while residents and industrial and commercial enterprises have more water consumption so the contradiction between supply and demand is more prominent. For this reason, Tanggu Sino-French Water Supply Company drafts a scientific planning to make full use of existing resources and to carry out internal tapping of potential. Between March 2016 and July 2017 , the second production process systematic expansion and renovation project was conducted for the water plant in Binhai New Area built in 1988, and the plant design water supply capacity was increased from 100,000 cubic meters / day to 135,000 cubic meters / day.

According to reports, the transformation of the process system is the overall improvement of the water plant in Binhai New Area to enhance the transformation. In addition, it also includes   a 35kV power distribution system, the overall enhancement of factory environment and so on.

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