Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park to jointly promote the linkage in four areas

2017-09-30 16:12

On September 28, the reporters learned from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development and Innovation-driven Summit 2017, i.e.,the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Brand Influence Release Ceremony, that the Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park will promote the "linkage of four areas" to carry out planning work in the next step, set up industry support funds, and promote the establishment of Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park Fund.

It is learned that since the Administrative Committee of Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park unveiled its nameplate, 234 enterprises were registered there, with a registered capital of nearly 4 billion yuan. It has introduced Baidu, Jingdong, Tianjin Sublue Ocean Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Venut and a number of high-tech projects, and has incubated Led Science and Technology, Bo Ao Jing Wei and a number of outstanding colleges and universities scientific and technological achievements transfer projects.

In the next step, Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park will co-ordinate the "linkage of four areas." It will integrate resources of the strongest functional areas in terms of economic strength in Binhai New Area to fully dock with Zhongguancun Science Park, to undertake the project landing in Zhongguancun Science Park and to build a collaborative innovation community; it will carry out planning work and hire Zhongguancun professional teams to compile mid-term and long-term development planning, industrial planning and regional planning for the science park; it will establish industry support funds, focus on the introduction of enterprises and personnel, the policy fulfillment and improvement of supporting facilities, etc.; it will establish the Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park Fund under the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Development Fund.

According to Xu Guang, Deputy Director of Tianjin Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park, construction results of Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park result from the innovative management system, including the formation of a leading group composed of by the Executive Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipality and Executive Deputy Mayor of Tianjin Municipality and a dual administrative committees with two director; it results from clear positioning such as a functional orientation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei comprehensive innovation, a high ground to gather global high-end innovation resources and a demonstration area for the construction of a Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinated Innovative Development Community. Its industry layout will be mainly two leading industries say a new generation of information technology, biological and life science and technology; it will actively build a high ground for science and technology finance and technology service industry, gather high-caliber talents and high-end industries, and strive to create an innovative business ecosystem; thanks to a competitive policy system, these policies fully cover three levels say Tianjin, Binhai New Area and Binhai-Zhongguancun Science Park. It also promotes Beijing and Tianjin to jointly introduce policies and measures to support innovation and development of the science park. For example, we can extend the scope of first pilot policies and application in Zhongguancun Science Park to the Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park, and the policies in Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone can also be promoted to the core area of ​​Zhongguancun (Haidian) and Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park.

At present, the Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park has a population of 30,000 people, and has built more than 1 million square meters of office buildings and ancillary facilities. The nine-year Bestown School, Tianjin Kunming Road Primary School, Beijing Blue Sky Kindergarten have been put into use, and the 1000-bed Binhai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is stepping up construction.

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