Continuously enhancing the economic level of financial service entities

2017-10-09 10:13

On September 29, Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, held a regular meeting of the District Party Committee (Expand), to convey the spirit of Tianjin Financial Work Conference. Xu Hongxing, Director of District People's Congress Standing Committee, Han Yuanda, Chairman of District Political Consultative Conference and Zheng Huiying, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee attended while Sun Tao, Vice District Governor, conveyed the main content of the meeting.

Zhang Yuzhuo pointed out that in July this year, the central government held a financial work conference, and then Tianjin recently held a financial work conference, to deeply study and practice the general secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches, especially those on the important thoughts on financial work. Li Hongzhong Party Secretary of Tianjin Municipality and Wang Dongfeng, Mayor of Tianjin put forward clear requirements at the meeting for doing a good job in Tianjin's financial work and for a comprehensive and systematic deployment. Binhai New Area timely convened a meeting for financial institutions to pay close attention to the implementation of the tasks and to promote the financial industry to continue to create a new situation.

Zhang Yuzhuo required that we must continue to enhance the level of financial services and the real economy, and guide financial institutions to increase the intensity of credit, to favor the advantageous industries, key industries and major projects in Binhai New Area.  We must establish the assessment mechanism, strengthen the government docking with financial institutions, and continuously improve the financial support capacity. In accordance with the requirements of the central financial work, we must continue to improve the level of prevention of financial risks, resolutely implement the responsibility to prevent financial risks, crack down on illegal financial activities, illegal fund-raising and other illegal financial activities, analyze stocks, standardize incremental storage, strengthen joint defense and maintain a good reputation and market order. Binhai New Area, as a financial reform and innovation demonstration area, must continue to enhance the level of innovation, focus on major projects and key enterprises, provide cost-effective financial products in multi-channels and reduce corporate financing costs. It must actively expand the financing channels, and vigorously develop the trust financing, financial leasing, entrusted loans and other new formats.

District leaders including Liu Zhong, Cao Jinqiu, Zhao Zhong, Li Jianjun, Meng Fanping, Sun Jianhua, Deng Guanghua and Li Cailiang attended while the district leader Xia Qinglin was at present. Responsible comrades from district authorities participated.

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