Binhai New Area caught attention during the"Super Holiday"

2017-10-10 14:11

To see the show in the Binhai Cultural Center, to experience the activities with characteristics in the Aircraft Carrier Theme Park and Fantawild Theme Park, to take the cruise to enjoy the romantic travel, to visit the Royal Date Garden, and to experience picking pleasure in the Chadian Science and Technology Park ... During the "National Holiday" this year, Binhai New area gave full play to its advantages of tourism resources and attracted many tourists to come and play. During the holiday season, some scenic spots in Binhai New area were once bursting while the business travel was very popular in Binhai New area. Among the nine scenic spots in Binhai New area under the monitoring, visitors received amounted to 508,900, with a comprehensive income of 67.8588 million yuan, 20.42% and 22.68% up year-on-year, respectively.(By Wang Ning)

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