Binhai New Area had a harvest of business travel during "Super Holiday"

2017-10-10 14:15

To see the show in the Binhai Cultural Center, to experience the activities with characteristics in the Aircraft Carrier Theme Park and Fantawild Theme Park, to take the cruise to enjoy the romantic travel, to visit the Royal Date Garden, and to experience picking pleasure in the Chadian Science and Technology Park. During the holiday season, some scenic spots in Binhai New Area were once bursting with full load of visitors, so business travel in Binhai New Area was very popular.

According to statistics, among the nine scenic spots in Binhai New area under the monitoring during the National Holiday, visitors received amounted to 508,900, with a comprehensive income of 67.8588 million yuan, 20.42% and 22.68% up year-on-year, respectively.

Special colorful events in the theme park with daily visitors of more than 10,000 people

The theme parks have distinctive features, rich activities and other characteristics, so they have been favorite travel destinations of the public and tourists during holidays. During the "National Holiday" period, three theme parks in Binhai New Area say TEDA Aircraft Theme Park, Fantawild World and Tianjin Polar Ocean World, by virtue of a number of creative, innovative and fun activities, attracted visitors from all directions. According to statistics, during the holiday season, these theme parks received daily tourists by tens of thousands, and some theme parks even received visitors of over 20,000 on a daily basis.

For example, TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park launched the Russian style theme activities, at which beautiful Russian girls, handsome guys were singing and dancing, and the Russian style street offered a variety of Russian food with aroma overflowing, and large Hollywood real performance "Aircraft Carrier Storm" and "Stun of Flying Cars" provided audience with unparalleled visual shocks and auditory stimuli – some viewers waited for even more than an hour ahead of schedule. According to statistics, during the holiday season, TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park received accumulative tourists of 166,000. In Tianjin Fantawild world, a giant flag shape at the park’s entrance attracted everyone to take a photo. The park is decorated with rows of red lanterns and red auspicious Chinese knots filled with queuing area. Here high-tech projects allowed visitors to experience the myth of magic in the world, to follow the footsteps of the film to embark on a thrilling magical course, to enjoy the beauty and to learn knowledges. According to statistics, during the holiday, it received a total of more than 141,600 visitors. The Polar Ocean World launched the polar animal parade and other activities, to further stimulate its popularity. According to statistics, during the National Holiday it received 83,300 visitors.

Watching performances and reading books – Binhai Cultural Center is a new place for holidays

Speaking of this year's destinations in Binhai New Area during the "National Holiday", the Binhai Cultural Center under trial operation caught much concern. It is a multi-functional integrated cultural tourism business district with the functions of science and technology, display, education and so on all in one. The "five museums and a gallery" of Phase I of the project including Binhai Art Museum, Binhai Library, Binhai Discovery Museum, Binhai Performing Arts Center, Binhai Civic Center and Cultural Corridor have been fully completed. During the "National Holiday" period, the Binhai Library and Binhai Performing Arts Center were very popular. In the borrowing office of the Library, long queues with a few hundred meters were quite often, and the public was enthusiastic to borrow books.

"We heard that the Binhai Cultural Center was under trial operation so I took my family here. In the tour, we found a lot of high-tech elements here, such as the 'luminous staircase' in the Performing Arts Center and LED display stairs which was divided into three parts, to display separate images and to form a bigger screen to play – it was especially magical. At the same time the internal design of the Center is also very modern, such as the Library, which is the most modern interior design I have seen," said Mr. Yang excitedly to reporters.

It is learned that during the festival, the Cultural Center staged the "Zhang He and Her Friends" concert, "Li Liangjie and His Rock Drum" "Shang Yi & Little Dolphin's Music", opera "Turandot", cartoon Drama "Ugly Duckling" and a series of performances, attracting many resident and visitors to come to watch while further enriching everyone's cultural life during the holiday.

Picking fruits and eating seafood from the sea make countryside tour a popular hit.

During the "National Holiday" period, it is also a season for shrimps, crabs and fruit harvest. Bestown, Caijiapu wharf and royal jujube garden, Chadian Grape Science and Technology Park and other tourist destinations also ushered in a lot of tourists.

"We have heard that the seafood in Bestwon in Binhai New Area is the most delicious, so our family came here to play. During more than two days, we not only experienced the fun of fishermen, but also visited the ancient town of Bestown. We also enjoyed the unique yurts show and had a particularly fulfilling holiday," said Mr. Ni from Beijing to reporters.

Reporters learned that during the festival, the Bestown and Caijiapu wharf were full of tourists who wanted to set off to the sea to feel the original eco-tourism. "Setting off to the sea to be fishermen" has become a tourism flagship in Binhai New Area. In Bestown Seafood Street, not far, it was also filled with visitors from other provinces who specifically came here to buy fresh ashore seafood and to taste fresh seafood.

In the Royal Jujube Garden, the Eighth Picking Festival had a grand opening. The helicopter apron in the Royal Jujube Garden in Douzhuang Airport was officially opened, and visitors can spend 500 yuan to be able to take a helicopter and to overlook the historical Royal Garden from the air, attracting a number of tourists in Tianjin, Beijing, Hebei and many other provinces to come to pick and play. "Here the price of picking jujube is very affordable – only 15 yuan / 500 g. The jujubes are especially sweet, and it is a really good choice to come here to play," said Ms. Zhang from Cangzhou excitedly to reporters. At the same time, during the winter jujube festival, it also has a variety of cultural activities, theatrical performances, calligraphy exchanges and visits to the ancient jujube museums, so visitors can pick jujubes while feeling the jujube culture – what a rich day!

In addition, during the festival, it was also a good choice in the holiday to go shopping in the "foreign goods store" in Binhai New Area. Tianjin European Trade Center, Yujiapu Globalgo and other places were filled with people with prosperity of buying and selling. As the sale of imported goods can save the transaction procedures, enjoy bonded warehousing, transport convenience, trade and other preferential policies, the imports are inexpensive and get favored by the public and tourists.(By Wang Ning)

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