16 enterprises from Beijing settled in the "Binhai Nanluoguxiang"

2017-10-11 18:02

Reporters learned from the Binhai Central Business District (Binhai CBD) yesterday that the administrative committee of Binhai CBD joined hands with Beijing Nanluoguxiang Chamber of Commerce to organize a "Binhai Nanluoguxiang" cultural and creative street, i.e., to hold a collective signing ceremony for "Binhai Nanluoguxiang" project in the Globalgo Mall in Binhai CBD.

The relevant person in charge of the Binhai CBD said that it was the first time for the signed 16 companies to enter Binhai New Area, they are: Piankou Mansion, Beijing-Tianjin Yanwang Emperor, Minghe Court, three-dimensional paper carving, Baojing Mansion, Beijing Silk Man, Zhijue Handicraft, Grandmother Sun Flowers, Amber Carving, Yisi Redware Art, Hand-creative Tea, Beijing Clay Figurines, Dongsheng Painting, Beijing Hulukang and Bullets Headphones. The "Binhai Nanluoguxixang" project jointly done by Beijing and Tianjin is of great significance for the cultural integration with characteristics of the two cities as well as for commercial prosperity.

It is learned that many excellent handicraft among the 16 merchants have applied for the protection of the national intangible cultural heritage, and have certain reputations both at home and abroad – their authentic charm adds a touch of bright colors for Binhai New Area.

Xu Yan, Chairman of Beijing Nanluoguxiang Chamber of Commerce, said that the "Binhai Nanluoguxiang" project is the first step for Beijing Nanluoguxiang to "go abroad". As a representative of high-end commercial projects, it includes three formats: food, culture and entertainment. The signing day was all about core businesses in the cultural creative sector.

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