Lingang Economic Zone, the Picturesque Wetland Park

2017-10-11 20:57

Covering a total area of 630,000 m2, Lingang Ecological Wetland Park in Binhai New Area is the one and only ecological wetland park which is mainly used for water treatment and also a scenic spot built in a large industrial zone in China. It also includes water systems of 170,000 m2. In the park, waste water inside the industrial park and rainwater are collected and treated effectively to meet “zero wastewater discharge” standard, for the purpose of water purification and recycling, showing people how wastewater can become “clear” from “turbid” and from “dead” to “live” in nature.

In recent years, 30,000 mflower cultivation area and landscaping sculptures were added, science popularization center was improved and Lingang health walking trail was built in the park through its constant improvement and transformation, making it a perfect place for citizens to relax, exercise and play.

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