Serve the real economy to promote regional development

2017-10-12 13:23

In the morning of October 10, Yang Maorong, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Governor, led a delegation to Tianjin Jincheng Bank for a research. He presided over the symposium, listened to the report and coordinated to solve the relevant issues. Yang Maorong stressed that Binhai New Area and the relevant parties should thoroughly implement the spirit of the important speech by General Secretary Xi Jinping, especially the important instructions on the financial work, earnestly implement the spirit of Tianjin's financial work conference and requirements for financial sector to service real economy, financial reform and innovation, vigorously promote the construction of the financial innovation operation demonstration area, and meet the party's triumphant Nineteenth Party Congress with practical results. The following figures participated: relevant persons in charge of Tianjin Jincheng Bank; Sun Tao, Deputy District Governor; Jiang Fenggang, District Government Secretary and Director of the Office; Party Secretary and Director of the Administrative Committee of Binhai CBD Zheng Weiming; other responsible comrades from relevant district authorities.

Jincheng Bank was founded in 1917, as one of the famous "North Four Banks". On April 27, 2015, Tianjin Jincheng Bank resumed trading and set up a first northern private bank in the first national batch. Yang Maorong and his delegation had field visits to see the Tianjin Jincheng Bank business hall, bank history exhibition, information technology room, and Jincheng bank leader’s cordial conversation. He pointed out that Tianjin Jincheng Bank adhered to serving the real economy, small and medium enterprises in service, firmly implemented the "public deposit and loan" characteristics as positioning and adhered to the special business. While it was stationed in Binhai New Area for more than two years, it has achieved a healthy development and good results. While realizing their own development, Tianjin Jincheng Bank also makes an important contribution for regional economic development, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperation and the development of science and technology enterprises as well as small and medium enterprises. Binhai New Area will continue to increase support for financial institutions to promote the healthy development of the banking industry.

Yang Maorong stressed that the national and Tianjin's financial work conference wre held and brought good opportunities for development of the banking industry. He hoped that financial institutions could seize the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and to return to the origin while adhering to serving the real economy as the purpose to enhance the quality, service efficiency and level of service in the real economy. All units in Binhai New Area should establish the concept of "industry first and entrepreneurs are bosses", to gain in-depth understanding of banking needs, to further strengthen the docking, to strengthen services, to promote bank-enterprise cooperation as a good matchmaker, to care and support Jincheng Bank to grow bigger and stronger. The Jincheng Bank should give full play to their strengths, strive for innovation and changes, to develop more financial products, to constantly stimulate endogenous motivation, and to strive to make greater contributions to regional economic development.(By Wang Ning)

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