Multiple measures to treat air pollution and to protect the blue sky in Binhai New Area

2017-10-12 13:31

On October 10, reporters learned from the working conference of the "Beautiful Binhai No. One Project" that, since October 1, Binhai New Area has been in an active battle to fully integrated the autumn and winter air pollution control and treatment, and Binhai New Area is promoting the control of combustion coal pollution, and treatment of disposal of "scattered pollution" and works in other six aspects to carry out a comprehensive management of autumn and winter air pollution tackling action. In addition, from January to September this year, air quality comprehensive ranking of Binhai New Area ranked the fifth in Tianjin. Among the seven national and municipal control points, the Hangu North Road in the Eco-city ranked the first in the comprehensive list.

Six initiatives as multiple measures

◎ Strict control of coal pollution

◎ Properly disposed of "scattered chaotic and dirty" enterprises

◎Acceleration of the comprehensive rectification of industrial enterprises

◎Promoting the production and transportation at different hours

◎Efforts to strengthen the pollution control on "car-oil roads"

◎Highlighting and strengthening dust pollution prevention and control

Air quality ranks the comprehensive 5th in Tianjin

It is learned that from January to September this year, air quality composite index in Binhai New Area reached 6.50, up 11.3% year-on-year; PM2.5 concentration amounted to 63μg / m3, up 10.5% year-on-year; air quality ranked the comprehensive fifth in Tianjin. The composite index of 7 national and municipal control points were between 6.16 and 6.84 and the comprehensive ranking from good to bad is as follows: Han North Road in the Eco-city of, Tanggu Yingkou Road, Dagang Yongming Road, TEDA Fourth Avenue, Bonded Area West Four Road, High-tech Zone Haitai Development Road and Hangu River West Road. The concentration of PM2.5 in each point was between 57-73μg / m3, and the variation range was 5.3% -19.7%.

From October 1 to 7, the district PM2.5 concentration was 52μg / m3, down 17.5% year-on-year. PM2.5 concentration in Hangu River West No.1 Road, Bonded Area West No.4 Road, the Eco-city Han North Road, Tanggu Yingkou Road, TEDA Fourth Avenue, Dagang Yongming Road and other places decreased year on year while the PM2. 5 concentration at the High-tech Zone Haitai Development Two Road does not fall but rise.

Multiple approaches as governance to combat the tasks

It is reported that from October 1, Binhai New Area has been fully integrated into the autumn and winter air pollution control tackling action, focusing on six aspects of the work, including strict control of coal pollution, proper disposal of "scattered chaotic and dirty" enterprises to accelerate the comprehensive renovation of industrial enterprises, and to further promote the production and transportation at different hours, to focus on strengthening the "car oil" pollution control, to highlight and to strengthen dust pollution prevention and control.

It is learned that Binhai New Area re-burned, combined grids and stopped 446 burning coal boilers in 2017. It has shut down 261 units, accounting for 58.5%. In accordance with the requirements of a coal-free area, the existing 60,753 residents need to use clean energy for the winter heating. Up to now, district-level heating equipment tender has been carried out while rural areas have publicized the municipal government procurement notices online.

In promoting the comprehensive improvement of industrial enterprises, the district retained 36 coal-fired boilers, and has completed the upgrading of 20 boilers, with a completion rate of 55%; among the 16 unfinished ones, TEDA has 11, the High-tech Zone 1, Wantong 2 and Xiangluowan Xigu Heating Station 2. Before the end of October, it will complete the standard transformation. The district's 74 key VOCs enterprises have completed treatment of 68 ones.

Binhai New Area also focuses on strengthening the "car oil" pollution control. Since June, it has implemented the traffic optimization measures on the TEDA Avenue, Hangu Dafeng Road, Seaview Avenue and other roads. On September 30, it has fully supplied six national standard vehicle gasoline and diesel. This year, 155,000 vehicles were monitored by remote sensing and 2494 were manually monitored while 369 were punished. It has monitored 1118 non-road mobile machinery, of which 164 non-compliance machinery were withdrawn from the field processing.

In terms of the dust pollution prevention and control, since October 1, the district has completed all earthwork and stone operations while district's 671 construction sites have all achieved infrared video surveillance and dust online 24-hour dynamic monitoring.

Inspection efforts will be fully increased.

In the next step, Binhai New Area will do a good job in the command and dispatch. When the AQI is greater than 100, it will be in accordance with the "5 Ones" plan to start the implementation of temporary emission reduction measures to minimize regional pollution emissions; it will do a good job in the progress of transformation of the "scattered chaotic and dirty" enterprises and in urban and rural coal management, to prevent and control the construction of dust pollution, to do a good job in reduction and transportation of key enterprises at different hours; it will do a good job in supervision and enforcement, and since October 1, it will highlight the environmental issues rectification and supervision group, fresh air operations sub-headquarters, the District Environmental Bureau and other relevant departments to fully increase the inspection efforts, with a focus on inspection of "scattered chaotic dirty" enterprises including production without remediation or without authorization, overdue completion of scattered coal and coal-fired boiler treatment, suspension of non-licensed construction projects, unstable discharge standards of industrial enterprises and other outstanding issues.(By Wang Ning)

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