New grand parterre is open at Century Square, Dagang Street, “Welcoming 19th National Congress of CCP”

2017-10-12 13:38

Just before the opening of the 19th National Congress of CCP, the reporter noticed at the Century Square at Dagang Street that local folks and foreign travelers are taking photos before the grand parterre decorated by blooming flowers.

“This parterre is so nicely decorated. It has many kinds of flowers in all bright colors and also, on the other side, a huge flag made by flowers and decorated words “Welcome 19th National Congress, and following the CCP” and dancing butterflies and a violoncello.” said Ms. Wang excitedly while taking a photo, “it is really beautiful and I will keep a picture of it for record.” The reporter also noticed that both the horizontal and vertical parts of the parterre are made by flowers and grass in fresh and bright colors.

The reporter is told that the setting and style of the parterre are not only specially designed for the 19th National Congress and National Day, but also very close to lives of the ordinary people, so they can enjoy the achievements in ecological civilization and express their excitement for the 19th National Congress.

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