TEDA to attract high-level talents with high subsidy

2017-10-17 17:54

Recently, the Measures to Promote Construction of a High Ground of Talents in Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (hereinafter referred to as Measures) were officially issued. In the future, TEDA will closely adhere to the regional economic and social construction and industrial transformation and upgrading, with "high, precise and top-level" as the guide, adhere to the combination of government guidance and corporate functions, focus on the introduction of leading talents and teams in key industries to contribute to the development of a Talent High Ground in TEDA. Among them, the introduced Nobel Prize winners, national academicians and academicians from developed countries, will be given up 12 million yuan as working expenses and living subsidies.

Real money to attract all kinds of talents

In terms of introducing talents, the Measures has made it clear that the introduced Nobel Prize winners, academicians from National Academy of Social Sciences and National Academy of Sciences, academicians and famous experts from developed countries and world-class universities, research institutions, the world's top 500 enterprises, who once serve as equivalent professors, chief technological officials and other duties, can be given up to 12 million yuan as working expenses and living allowance. Introduced talents recommended by Binhai New Area will be given up to 3 million yuan as funding if they are selected into Talent Projects (Plans) in China, Tianjin and Binhai New Area.

The Measures also pay special attention to the introduction of high-level entrepreneurial talents. For the entrepreneurial talents who have high-level business projects in well-known entrepreneurial competition both at home and abroad to registered in TEDA as the base, and for tax registration, as long as they are verified by the Administrative Committee of TEDA to be in line with its industrial development direction, they will be given a project funding up to 1 million yuan, which is less than 100% of the paid-in registered capital of enterprises.

In addition, TEDA will also fully strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign high-quality universities and research institutes. Institutions, the unit of young teachers, outstanding students, outstanding researchers recommended by TEDA come to set up science and technology enterprises, after verification of its industrial development direction, if they are less than 40 years old, a one-time project start funding of not more than 300,000 yuan will be granted.

The Measures also encourage enterprises to establish overseas intelligence offshore development and utilization mechanism to support qualified enterprises in the establishment of overseas R & D centers and branches, to use overseas talent resources to carry out services in TEDA for business innovation and entrepreneurial activities. After approval, funding of up to 10 million yuan will be granted.

"Logistics services" for talents

Aimed at the service for talents, the Measures put forward a more detailed service content. In terms of accommodation, enterprises or R & D platforms which introduce the top talents will be provided with 10,000 yuan / month as housing subsidies for 2 years. In terms of medication, TEDA will open a medical treatment "green channel" in the district designated medical institutions, to provide top talents with free annual physical examination and to give priority to outpatient, emergency, hospital, clinic, expert consultation and other services.

In addition, if high-level non-household children of talents attend compulsory education school, they can enjoy the treatment of household registered students, and arrangements for admission will be conducted by the educational sector; for transfer procedures, the educational sector has priority to accept.

Reward for human resources intermediaries

In order to ensure the demand of human resources in TEDA, the Measures put forward a certain amount of subsidies for human resources intermediaries, vocational schools which successfully transported more than 20 employees to key enterprises in TEDA, in accordance with the volume of human resources. For the human resources intermediary institutions which successfully transported more than 20 employees to key enterprises in TEDA, subsidies are given with the standard of a maximum of less than 300 yuan / person; a one-time award will be given to key enterprises in human resources intermediaries and vocational schools which make significant contribution to TEDA.

At the same time, human resources intermediary agencies which assist TEDA to hold enterprise special recruitment in provinces and cities for more than 500 people, subsidies are provided in accordance with the standard of 10,000 yuan / field for human resources intermediary agencies; for school bases which assist TEDA to organize enterprises campus special recruitment for more than 500 people, subsidies are provided in accordance with the standard of 5,000 yuan / field for the school base.

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