Binhai “porcelain doll” helps WIFI to village

2017-10-27 14:08

The reporter learned from eco-city news conference which was convened on October 25 that “porcelain doll”which is researched and developed by eco-city enterprise-Qingxiafang TianjinTechnology Co., Ltd. breaks through the technical barrier, and enables WIFI to villageunder our control.

The reporter understood that "porcelain doll" is a nickname for rural Internet wireless access system.According to the project director, "porcelain doll" is connected with wireless communication technology by artificial intelligence, the reliable transmission distance is up to 10 km, and the transfer rate reaches 1000 MBPS. A county of 3000 square meters only need 10 base stationsto complete basic coverage, which can effectively make up for the insufficiency of the existing technology in transmission distance and anti-jamming aspects. While the cost is only 10% of 4G device, and it has the international leading level in technical and cost.

It is introduced that "porcelain doll" generation-I products have been tried for 20 months in pilot villages of Jiangsu and Shandong so far, the generation-II products has been tested for 6 months in Shandong, and the technical indicators meet the design requirements and have commercially operating conditions.At present, the company has obtained a lot of cooperation intentions ofgovernments and institutions such as Shandong, Henan, Guangdong andJiangsu, and will soon be put into the system construction. Meanwhile, the technology is also expected to be applied in Jizhou District of Tianjin in future.

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