China Cosco Shipping Group and Tianjin Port Group signed a framework agreement

2017-11-01 14:43

Recently, with the climax to publicize and implement the spirit of the 19th National CPC Congress cross China, China's Cosco Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation framework agreement at Tianjin Yingbin Hotel to jointly speed up the construction of the core area of international shipping in Tianjin. According to the framework agreement, the two sides will establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, with requirements put forward by the party's 19th National CPC Congress Report to "deepen state-owned enterprise reform, to develop mixed ownership economy, and to cultivate world-class enterprises with global competitiveness" to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Tianjin Port, to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, to further play the advantages of sea port and airport, and to make new and greater contributions to building a traffic power, a marine power and a trade power for the country.

China Cosco Ocean Shipping Group Co., Ltd. is a state-owned large-scale shipping comprehensive enterprise which is directly managed by the central government. It has formed a relatively complete industrial structure system and perfect global service network in the upstream and downstream industries such as shipping, wharf, logistics, shipping finance and shipbuilding. The operating fleet integrated capacity ranked the first in the world, and the size of the container fleet ranks the fourth in the world while capacity of dry bulk fleets, oil and gas fleets and groceries special fleets ranks the first in the world. Container terminal throughput ranks the second in the world.

Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd. is a state-owned large-scale transport enterprise which is directly managed by Tianjin, as well as the largest integrated port in North China - the main operation entity of Tianjin Port. In 2016, the cargo throughput of Tianjin Port reached 550 million tons, ranking the fifth in the world while container throughput reached 14.5 million TEUs, ranking the tenth in the world.

It is learned that in order to jointly implement the "Belt and Road" Initiative, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei synergy and other major national strategies and to promote the reform and development of state-owned enterprises, we should comprehensively improve the competitiveness of Tianjin Port (Group) Co., Ltd. to participate in global economic cooperation and competition. In accordance with the framework agreement, the two sides will base on the long-term friendly cooperation and initiate comprehensive strategic cooperation in terms of capital cooperation, investment and investment in the terminal, shipping and logistics, shipping finance, personnel exchanges and so on. Especially in strengthening capital-level cooperation, the two sides will establish a deeper level of cooperation. In cooperation with overseas terminals, the two sides will focus on the construction of the port along the "Belt and Road" and the surrounding areas, while further enhancing the international competitiveness of both sides. In the field of deepening cooperation in logistics, the two sides will further deepen cooperation between the port and aviation business and strengthen the logistics network as well as cooperation in modern logistics.

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