40 high-end exhibits meet the public through "intimate contact"

2017-11-06 19:24

On November 2, the reporter was informed that by the Smart City Technological Cool Products Fair and Fun Carnival 2017 (Tianjin), hosted by Binhai New Area People's Government will start from November 11 to 26 in the Globalgo Shopping Mall in YujiapuBinhai New Area. By then, more than 40 high-end smart technological exhibits, such as the first generation of astronaut training equipment for human beings, the new generation of astronaut training equipment, the national award-winning UAV, and the airborne imaging technology comparable to the high-tech Hollywood blockbuster Iron Man,will be displayed to the public with "close contact." In addition, a series of exciting activities and on-site interactive activities will be held during the exhibition, such as "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei 10,000 Science Journalists Activity", "Science Contest PK Contest" and "UAV VR Fat Championship" and so on will debut tobring new experience and shock to the public and to understand scientific and technological innovation.

It is reported that the Smart City Technological Cool Products Fair and Fun Carnival 2017 (Tianjin)will integrate scientific and technological innovation and scientific popularization functions in one, including three plates say high-energy battle, smart life and science fiction. Among them, the "high-energy battle" is main composed of interactive exhibits and the "smart life" mainly presents the products in the smart homes and its surrounding areas while the "science fiction" prioritizes popular science educational demonstration and popular experimental performance. The exhibition focuses onthe nation's most representative 40 cool technological productsand highlightstwo aspects say the "aerospace power" and "smart society" as intelligent technological elements.

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