187 medium small and micro-sized enterprises in Tianjin obtain “specialized, fined, peculiar and new” product award

2017-11-08 10:06

On November 6, the reporter learned from Tianjin Medium and Small Business Administration, Tianjin Medium and Small Business Administration organizes and carries out small and medium business "specialized, fined, peculiar and new" product review, usesTianjin small and medium-sized enterprise development special funds of 30.35 million Yuan, and awards "specialized, fined, peculiar and new" products of 187 small and medium businesses such as "super energy saving structure glass" and "ihealth blood pressure manometer".

The relevant leader of Tianjin Medium and Small Business Administration introduces that the reward policy has good guiding functions and isfeatured as follows: First is high technology content products, 187 products own 2,700 independent intellectual property rights,of which 148 products are researched and developed through industry-study-research cooperation withTsinghua University, Tianjin University, Nankai University and other higher colleges and scientific research units; Second is optimum industry structure, most of these products are high-grade products such as equipment manufacturing, electrical and electronic, biological medicine, new energy, new materials and other high-tech products in Tianjin, and the total sales revenue exceeds 10 billion Yuan in 2016. Third is the strong enterprise competition strength, there are 160 high-tech enterprises which win the prize,accounting for 85.6%, there are 132 well-known enterprises, accounting for 70.5%, there are 75 enterprises which own the national, municipal and district-level technology centers, accounting for 40.1%. TianjinC*Core Technology Co., Ltd speeds up to a leading enterprise in the subdivided industry; Fourth isan accurate funding location, to actively implement the requirements of the country on the support policy tending to small micro enterprises, and 112 small and micro enterprises whichenjoy the reward policies, accounting for 59.9%, close to 60%, and enjoy support capital of 16.4 million Yuan, accounting for 54.0%, exceeding one half of the total amount of capital. 

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