Automotive logistics service of Tianjin Port makes the key breakthroughs

2017-11-09 12:37

On November 7, the reporter learned from Tianjin Port Group, under the great support of container business division and bulk cargo business department of Tianjin Port Group.

Baoding Chang'an commercial vehicle domestic trade "door to door" transportation project which is commonly cooperated by Baoding Dry Port, Tianjin Port Logistics Development Co., Ltd, Tianjin Port RO-RO Terminal Co., Ltd and Ship-owning Company successfully runs. The first batch of 30 Chang'an commercial vehicles which are transported by Dingzhou of Hebei Province to Nansha Port of Guangzhou are successfully loaded in Tianjin Port.The successful operation of the project marks the key breakthroughs and important steps for Tianjin Port Group to actively explore new ways and modes of automobile logistics integration.

It is understood that this project is the new customer demands which are found by Baoding Dry Port during the visit period to Chang'an automobile factory on May 2017. Previously, Chang'anAutomobile Company and RO-RO TerminalCompany have established long-term stable cooperation relations in car foreign trade export, but because the domestic vehicle distribution focuses on the automobile transportation and train transportation for many years, the customersare unfamiliar with domestic trade shipping business. For this situation, Baoding Dry Portrespectively form project development teamswith Tianjin Port Logistics Development Company and RO-RO Terminal Company, gets contact with An Tong, COSCO and Anji,designs container "door to door" or "RO-RO shipment sea transportation" distribution scheme of different distribution destinations for Baoding Chang'anAutomobile, and is finally recognized.According to the preliminary calculation, the new logistics distribution plan can reduce the logistics cost by 15%-20% compared with the original land transport logistics distribution scheme.

"Founding of Chang'an commercial automobile logistics project will be of great importance to givingfull play to Tianjin port as the automotive logistics sea transportation key node and professional car port operation platform advantages, striving to build"Tianjin-Guangzhou" automobile brand integrated transportation mode, realizing the alliance between giants such as automobile manufacturers, logistics companies and ports combination, and walkingtoward "one-stop, whole process, high efficiency"automobile logistics servicedevelopment goals."Deputy Manager of Logistics Department of Tianjin Port RO-RO Terminal Company, Cao Yongxiang told reporters.

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