Asia-Pacific Finance Lease Co., Ltd settles in DongJiang of Tianjin and the first aircraft is successfully delivered

2017-11-10 18:26

On the morning of November 7, Asia-Pacific Finance Lease (Tianjin) Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Asia-Pacific Lease") delivered one new A320 passenger plane to Western Airlines under Hainan Airlines in Airbus Tianjin Delivery Centre. This is the first plane which is delivered by Asia-Pacific Lease in China. Meanwhile, Tianjin DongJiang Management Committee and the Asia-Pacific Lease sign the strategic cooperation agreement to conduct all-round cooperation in the related fields of aircraft leasing business.

It is introduced thatAsia-Pacific Lease was registered in DongJiang Bonded Port Area on September 19, 2017, with the registered capital of $100 million, which is funded by Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Aviation Group.The group is an international aircraft leasing company, headquartered in Hong Kong. At present, it sets platform companies in Ireland, Malaysia, and Netherlands, which has rich experience in the industry of aircraft leasing. Its business development direction mainly focuses on the Asia Pacific and the Chinese market with the fastest aircraft demand growth.After settled,Asia-Pacific Leasehas smoothly carried out two aircraft leasing business by DongJiang platform. It is expected that the second A320 aircraftwill be delivered to Toulouse, France in late November. In the future, Asia-Pacific Lease will, upon DongJiangleasing industry gathering and innovation advantages, continue to expand business scale, and plan to achieve that the fleet size reachmore than 100 aircraft within 5 years.

As the aircraft leasing gathering place which owns the most aircraft assets after Ireland, DongJiang, upon the functional policy overlaid advantages such as core functional zone and free trade zone ofBonded Port Area and Northern International Shipping Center, continues to promote the innovation in policy, business innovation, service innovation and regulation in the leasing industry.

At present, DongJiang has cultivated and helped about 50 domestic enterprises to carry out the aircraft leasing business, and fostered the professional talents team with nearly 1,000 people.Next, DongJiang will further enhance the level of rental industry development, accelerate the construction of national lease innovation demonstration area, and constantly deepenthe international exchanges and cooperation of the leasing industry. 

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