Private enterprises enter a new era of development

2017-11-10 18:28

On November 8, the Fifth National Trade and Investment Symposium for Private Enterprise was held in Binhai New Area. Over 400 well-known representatives of entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and business associations gathered in Binhai New Area. With the theme of "new cooperation in new momentum and new opportunities for the development of the private economy in the new era" and "opportunities for the transformation and upgrading of private enterprises with the 19th National CPC Congress ", they gather to exploring opportunities and routes for innovative development of private-owned enterprises.

The environment for the development of private enterprises is increasingly perfect.

"Private enterprises are entering a new era of high-quality development." Zhang Yansheng, Chief Economist of China International Economic Exchange Center, believes that the development of innovation and transformation is becoming a new engine. Different from the IT revolution, China has begun to take the lead in the field of Internet +, AI +, "small is beautiful" development and cloud-based manufacturing. The new economy, new industries and new formats lead the development of industries while the transformation of industries bears new opportunities. In the new era, privately-owned enterprises should seize the solid foundation for developing real economy and expand the huge opportunities for the strategic pivot of domestic demand and the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative. In the development of the private economy, science and technology support and high technology provide a strong impetus to the development of the industry, and technological innovation has a strong impetus to the adjustment of industrial structure and the emergence of new formats. "

In fact, in recent years, China has promulgated relevant supportive policies and measures to promote continuous development and growth of the private economy and has become an important support for economic and social development. In the opinion of Li Zibin, president of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, entrepreneurs are important players in economic activities. Prior to this, the State Council issued the Opinions on Enhancing Entrepreneurs' Healthy Growth Environment, Promoting Excellent Entrepreneurship and Better Entrepreneurship, which clearly defined a legal environment that protects the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs according to law while promoting entrepreneurship in a fair competitive and integrated business environment, respect and encourage social entrepreneurial atmosphere, enhance entrepreneurial innovation vitality as well as entrepreneurial momentum.

Private economy becomes a new engine for development.

Reporters learned from the symposium that in recent years, Tianjin has accelerated the docking and cooperation of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industries and built a platform for the development of private economy. The private economy has become a new engine for Tianjin's economic development. In the first three quarters of this year, the private economy in Tianjin realized an added value of 642.727 billion yuan, accounting for 47.8% of Tianjin's GDP, playing an important role in promoting its economic growth. Under the New Normal of economic development, Tianjin actively guides and supports private enterprises to speed up transformation and upgrading, specialization and industrial restructuring. As of the end of 2016, a total of 14,000 private enterprises in the municipality have been transformed and upgraded. Among them, the private economy in Binhai New Area ushers in a "golden period" for the development. Taking the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city as an example, in the past 10 years since its development and construction, the Eco-city adheres to serving the development of private-owned enterprises with international concepts and standards and has formulated a series of supportive policies including special funds, financial innovations, science and technology, and personnel, to help private enterprises settle down in the Eco-city. Up to now, the number of private enterprises in the Eco-city has exceeded 4,000, accounting for more than 60% of the total registered capital of 150 billion yuan, which is an important force in the Eco-city's economic development.

In fact, with a good investment environment and industrial cluster effect, more and more well-known enterprises have joined the ranks of private economy in Tianjin. Liu Yonghao, Chairman of New Hope Group, said on the basis of the existing good cooperation, it will continue to expand the industrial layout in Tianjin and plan to set up regional headquarters for the Group and give fund for industrial development so as to give play to the leading role and to achieve common development. Wang Wenyin, Chairman of the board of directors of Amer International Group, also said that in the future, he will rely on the advantages of Tianjin to expand the scale of investment and push more projects to settle in Tianjin.

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