Tourism in Eco-city ushers in a "golden period for development"

2017-11-10 18:30

Tourism industry in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city is showing a strong momentum of development. According to statistics, only during the eight days of the National Day this year, the Eco-city has received a total of 354,000 tourists with integrated tourism revenue of more than 100 million yuan, hitting another record high in tourist reception volume and tourism revenue.

As the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Fantawild World, Water Cube, Carp Gate and other scenic spots develop in a dislocated way, a cluster effect has gradually formed. At the same time, the public transportation and supporting facilities in the area are more and more convenient. These scenic areas are continuously connected in tandem to achieve linkage. Tourism industry in the Eco-city is ushering in a golden period of development.

Speeding up the service system for "Fast Travel and Slow Travel"

Preferential policies, high speed interchange and long holiday leisure are all important factors in promoting the ecotourism during the National Day. At the same time, the theme parks such as Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park and Tianjin Fantawild World also launched various theme activities to gather a great deal of popularity. According to the relevant person in charge of the Eco-city Tourism Bureau, during the 8 days of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the Eco-city has received a total of 354,000 tourists, 23% up year on year, accounting for 69.5% of the total. The tourism revenue amounted to 59.43 million yuan, 8% up year on year, accounting for more than 87% of that of Binhai New Area; it achieves comprehensive tourism revenue of over 100 million yuan while tourist reception and tourism revenue hit another record high over the same period. Self-driving tourists from Beijing, Hebei, Shandong and other surrounding areas become the main traveling tourists. In other areas, vehicles traveling into the Eco-city also increased significantly.

The reporter has learned that the Eco-city is working hard to create a service system for "Fast Travel and Slow Travel". "Fast Travel and Slow Travel" refers to tourists spending less and less time on the road but more and more time on scenic spots. "In 2018, the Eco-city plans to build a tourist hub in the district to create a more convenient and efficient" fast-forward" transportation network for tourists, saving time and money for them." According to an official from Eco-city Tourism Bureau, "As for Eco-City, the "Slow Travel" is more diversified. A number of core tourist attractions and tourist-related parks have attracted more tourists to stay, sit down and calm down.

Tourism industry will start a "blowout" development.

"At present, the tourism industry in the Eco-city has begun to take shape, with the tourist volume and tourism revenue substantially grows so tourism industry in the Eco-city has ushered in the 'golden period of development'," an official from Eco-City Tourism Bureau said.

This reporter has learned that since the second half of 2016, some holiday tourists in the Eco-city have exceeded the national important scenic spots such as Beidaihe Resort and Huashan Mountain, showing the embryonic form of the holiday destination. In the meantime, since the beginning of this year, the number of tourists in Eco-city business districts has reached 4.05 million, 40% up year on year; the revenue from ticket sales for tourism has reached 380 million yuan, 42% up year on year.

According to the requirements of "National Global Tourism Demonstration Zone", the Eco-city will promote the integrated development of tourism resources, the construction of tourist elements, the integration of tourism service quality, smart tourism platform and tourism marketing in the whole district and build the Eco-city into a development leader of tourist attraction in Tianjin, and create a national-level tourism development demonstration area, a tourist destination in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and an important tourism resources gathering area. At the same time, the Eco-city will continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of regional tourism development in an all-round way. With tourism as its lead, it will also develop industries such as culture, sports, health and elderly care so as to stimulate consumption growth, to promote consumption upgrading, to promote the transformation of regional industrial structure and to create a global and innovative Eco-city mode.

It is claimed that, at present, business-related travel projects built, under construction, or to be built in the Eco-City has reached 25. The National Marine Museum, Gull Park, Mazu Cultural Park, East Bank Park and a number of key travel projects will be gradually completed. It is estimated that in the next one to two years, the Eco-city will form four theme amusement industry clusters say marine hydrophilic tour, film & animation, folk art & local tradition and eco-friendly environment. The reception volume of tourists is expected to reach 8 to 10 million, keeping pace with the educational and cultural industries so it will truly become the Eco-city's core industry and special industry.

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