“Lingdong WeWork” of Binhai High-tech Area Obtains the Key Support of Ministry of Culture

2017-11-13 13:37

Recently, Ministry of Culture announces a list for 35 support enterprises which builds WeWork and double-service service platform in the field of cultural industry. Lingdong WeWork of Tianjin High-tech Area ranks among it and becomes the only selected unit in Tianjin.At present, WeWork has invested 13.5 million Yuan in total. It provides services for 46 entrepreneurial teams and enterprises, including 32 cultural industry teams and enterprises.

It is understood that Lingdong WeWork was established in March 2016, and its operating subject, Tianjin Meiyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd is the leading enterprise in thefield of Tianjin culture media.Lingdong WeWork, uponthe industry background and network resources of its operating subject, builds "Internet+"culturalindustry innovation platform, and is recognized by the city-level WeWork in Tianjin in the constructing year.

According to the latest data, Lingdong WeWork has successfully incubated 14 makers and venture teams. “Snake Project”successfully obtains finance of angle round, and enters round-A financing; “Onecafe project” is connected with several investment institutions, with the estimated value of 10,000,000 Yuan. It was successfully listed in Tianjin OTC WeWork in 2016.

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