Guotai Financial Leasing settles in Yujiapu with 100-billion-yuan industrial funds to support real economy

2017-11-13 13:40

Recently, Tianjin Guotai Financial Leasing Company officially opened and started test run in Binhai CBD in Tianjin Binhai New Area. Guotai Financial Leasing is initiated by Huatai Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Huizhou Yiwei Lineng Co., Ltd. and other four corporate legal entities and is approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan. According to its three-year development plan, Guotai Financial Leasing will accumulate industrial funds of hundreds of billions to support the real entity in Tianjin.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward: "we need to promote quality change, efficiency change and dynamic reform in economic development" "we need to speed up efforts for the construction of an industrial system in which the real economy, technological innovation, modern finance and human resources are developing synergistically." The report classifies modern finance as an industry and it further emphasizes that financial services and the real economy are an integral part of each other's support and connection.

Guotai Financial Leasing will serve the trillion-scale new energy automotive industrial chain, will prioritize pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles as the main direction, will focus on battery, electrical, electronic control and other key components as breakthrough, and will actively participate in and cooperate with Tianjin to introduce new energy automotive industry-related enterprises, especially the core parts enterprises and innovative enterprises which master the core technology. Its responsibility is to gradually establish the automobile manufacturing industry in Tianjin and to support hundreds of suppliers of core parts and components to form a cluster and settle in Tianjin.

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