2017 (Tianjin) Smart City Technology Fair started in Yujiapu with 40 stunning technological products on display

2017-11-14 09:45

Sponsored by the Binhai New Area Government, Beijing Technology Newspaper (Beiqing Media) and Business Commission of Binhai New Area, the 2017 (Tianjin) Smart City Technology Fair and iFun Carnival, was launched on November 11 at Yujiapu Globalgo Shopping Center, and the exhibition will continue until November 26. This exhibition integrates scientific and technological innovation and science popularization, with three parts: high-energy battles, smart life and popular science fiction. Among them, the "high-energy battle" is mainly for interactive exhibits, "smart life" mainly for presenting the products in the smart homes and its surrounding areas, and "popular science fiction" for the popular science education demonstration and popular experimental performance. The fair focused on the China's 40 most representative cool technological products. The exhibition will also carry out a series of exciting activities and on-site interaction, so that the public can really feel the new experience and shock brought about by the technological advances and technological innovations.

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