Binhai New Area to consolidate foundation for constructing a civilized district

2017-11-14 09:46

Recently, the reporter learned from the Civilization Office of Binhai New Area that this year Binhai New Area continued to accelerate its efforts to create civilization and achieved remarkable achievements through extensive mobilization and in-depth promotion. In particular, since the convening of the cultural and civilized work in Binhai New Area, all units in various functional zones, streets and towns have done good jobs in all aspects of their work and have vigorously promoted the development of the written materials through institutional mechanisms. The whole district firms confidence from top to bottom, comes up with energy, exerts full sprint, are determined to win, and lays a good foundation to create a civilized city. Reporter Li Tiejun

The work of creating civilized entertainment is involved into the government livelihood projects.

It is claimed that, Binhai New Area has long been adhering to the civil civilization construction and economic development simultaneously. According to the general requirements by Zhang Yuzhuo, a member of Municipal Standing Party Committee and Party Secretary of Binhai New Area, "creating a prosperous and livable new city thorough creating a civilized city." Yang Maorong, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Governor, and major leaders of the district government repeatedly listened to the reports of the District Civilization Creation Office, and organized forces to carry out the researches on system of mechanisms and long-term mechanisms for creation of civilized entertainment. Taking reference from the indicators in the Tianjin Civilized City Evaluation System, Binhai New Area checks its short boards one by one, sorts out the hardware issues, and gets them into next year's government key projects and people's livelihood projects. All units are required to combine their respective work indicators, to make a good budget for next year and to provide strong economic guarantee for the creation of civilized entertainment.

On August 17 and on November 7 this year, a Cadre General Assembly was held twice, to arrange for the creation of civilized entertainment as fully preparation work to meet the evaluation of this year's civilized urban district. Since August 17, when Binhai New Area started to promote the work of creating civilized entertainment, various departments and units in Binhai New Area have attached great importance to the task list and responsibilities of the civilized city evaluation system and district civilized office in Tianjin, strengthened infrastructural construction, improved urban functions and conscientiously done work in all aspects. The District Government Office and District Development and Reform Commission incorporated the work of creating civilized entertainment into the performance appraisal of various departments, functional zones and towns and vigorously promoted the creation of civilized entertainment through institutional mechanisms.

On November 7, at the opening ceremony for welcoming sprint of the inspection, Yang Maorong made clear demands on the appraisal and assessment of the meeting with the Municipal Civilization Office, rescheduled and re-deployed the publicity sites, environment remediation and mass mobilization work to create a strong foundation atmosphere, requiring the entire district to be firmly determined from top to bottom, to come up with energy, to exert full sprint, to be determined to win, and to lay the foundation for the next three years to create a national civilized city.

Publicity of the work to create civilized entertainment covers the entire district.

District Civilization Office does a top-level design in promoting the creation work for civilized entertainment, drafts the Opinions on Strengthening Construction of Carrier for Social Media and Operational Management in Binhai New Area, integrates the district's publicity resources to promote the civilized and institutionalized publicity; it compiles and distributed the Knowledge Quiz for Creating a Civilized City in Binhai New Area and Tianjin Binhai New Area Civil Civilization Handbook, wrote slogans, designs series of creative propaganda posters, drafts the Guidelines for Creation of Civilized Entertainment, and standardizes the content of promotional texts. It steadily promotes the publicity of the civilized society, combines the publicity of major themes in the 19th National CPC Congress, and realizes the full coverage of the creative publicity by stages and in batches; it compiles a special edition of the "Binhai Times" with a chapter for the work of creating a civilized city, informing the residents in Binhai New Area. It mobilizes the mass to carry out a wide range of civil creation activities with the theme of mass spiritual civilization. For example, at present, Binhai New Area has created more than 14,000 civilized household buildings, covering 40% of civilized buildings, 100% of community participation in streets, and above 60% of residents’ participation.

All site inspections are implemented.

District Civilization Office organized more than 110 regional civilization creation communicators to focus on training of work performance, completed file collection of 1124 volumes for 91 units, and sorted out them according to 215 evaluation indicators. Up to now, all departments and units have basically completed the filing of files. For example, the market regulatory authority not only has a detailed and standardized filing system, but it also conscientiously checks the evaluation system, sorts out achievements and difficulties of the impact assessment, and puts forward the management plan; the Administrative Committee of the Eco-city, District Education and Sports Committee and other units take the initiative to dock, to actively plan the work of creating civilized entertainment in Binhai New Area and all departments.

In November, the key work of the district was transferred to the site investigation and questionnaire preparation stage. Binhai New Area will further clarify the responsibility units, departments and evaluation criteria of site visits, and issue the task list. District Civilization Office has drafted the Criteria for Evaluation of Creating a Civilized Urban Area in Inspection Points, organize 19 towns and 25 villages to conduct a centralized inspection of publicity for creating civilized entertainment; it will complete information collection of 765 sites, covering all types of inspection sites required by the evaluation system.

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