Yujiapu smart city project successfully implemented

2017-11-14 09:46

Reporters learned from the Binhai Central Business District (Binhai CBD for short) on November 12 that the Yujiapu Smart City Project has been successfully implemented. The project has been selected as the demonstration project of the sixth China-US Energy Efficiency Forum and the National Smart City IOT Boutique Demonstration Project.

It is claimed that the Yujiapu Smart City project includes the intelligent street lighting as the carrier's IOT infrastructure, smart city IOT control center and smart traffic, smart security, smart environment protection, smart emergency and other intelligent application modules so public lighting energy-saving rate could reach 65%, and "one road, one network and one platform" concept of the smart city IOT can be fully reflected in the project. At present, the focus of smart city development has shifted from project construction to service operation.

"By upgrading and retrofitting traditional streetlights, the smart multi-functional streetlights incorporate devices such as single-lamp controllers, LED displays, smart cameras, alarm buttons, bilingual voice broadcast, communication micro base stations, WiFi, EV charging pylons and sensors for air quality, road water level, noise, wind direction, etc., to quickly and stably collect and transmit multidimensional city data, to form an open and fully compatible IOT hardware platform, to extend the third-party sensing equipment access, and to share the terminal sensing data information," said a person in charge of Binhai CBD.

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