Consumer expenditure in Tianjin hits a new high on double 11 and cross-border e-suppliers in Dongjiang FTP withstands the test for logistic distribution

2017-11-14 09:48

The curtain of this year's "double 11" falls and people's enthusiasm for buying is once again stimulated. Tmall’s "Double 11" turnover was 168.2 billion yuan on one day, with all-day logistics orders of 812 million. Orders of Jingdong 11.11 Global Goodies section amounted to 127.1 billion yuan, more than 50% up. Netease Koala Global 11.11 sales hit 4 times up than that of last year.

Behind the rosy sales data of major merchant platforms is the public's contribution with their mobile phones. Therefore, how about the purchasing power of Tianjin buyers during this "double 11"? What are their favorites? How does cross-border e-commerce in Dongjiang Free Trade Port show up?

Tianjin's consumer expenditure hits a new high with fevers for smartphones and household appliances.

Mr. Sun who lives in Tanggu, orders a Huawei Glory phone and a Hisense TV at 10 o'clock on November 11th on Jingdong, and in the early morning of November 12th, he received his beloved goods. In fact, this is also a microcosm of buyers in Tianjin.

Data from Jingdong shows that consumers in Tianjin enjoyed a substantial increase in their spending power during the promotion of 11.11 World Promotion Day, 72% up over the same period of last year. Specific districts such as Nankai District, Xiqing District, Hexi District, Dongli District, Binhai New Area, Tanggu, etc., have strong purchasing power.

Specifically, Tianjin locals prefer all kinds of electrical appliances. Jingdong data show that, compared with other provinces and cities nationwide, Tianjin people pay more attention to using electrical appliances to enhance the quality of life and happiness. For example, in the area of small kitchen appliances, people in Tianjin prefer the oven, food processor and coffee machine. At the same time, the demand for hair curlers, electronic scales and beauty devices in Tianjin is even more prominent. From the point of view of consumption, the most expensive category in Tianjin is mobiles, electronics, home appliances, office computers and other categories. From the amount of orders, food and beverage, alcohol, beauty care, mobile phones and other digital products are also very popular with the public, with higher spending far beyond other categories.

The data from Jingdong also show that the major consumers in Tianjin are "post-70s" and "post-80s". It is noteworthy that the demand for online shopping in Tianjin increased significantly. In terms of shopping time, Tianjin people prefer to buy at night so one-third of the orders was ordered after dinner.

Data from Tmall showed that during "double 11" Tianjin buyers consumed a total of 2.4 billion yuan, 38% up than that of last year, of which, female consumption accounted for 64%. Mobile phones, down jackets, boots, overcoats and sweaters are top five categories of goods favored by Tianjin people. The top five favorite local specialties in Tianjin are: sea cucumber, rice, pseudo-ginseng, honey and wolfberry.

The data from Ali Piggy, an online tourist service platform, shows that on the "double 11" day, the number of outbound tourist hit more than 1.1 million, with 150,000 visas, and 1 million flight tickets. Among them, Tianjin people's favorite overseas destinations are: Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

Dongjiang cross-border e-suppliers go with full strength and direct delivery mode is fastened by 24 hours.

This year, during the "Double 11", Jingdong Global shopping, Netease Koala, YKS.com, China Resources Vanguard, Na Ma and more than 10 companies in Dongjiang Free Trade Port took the "bonded stocking" approach for import business of cross-border e-commerce.

Reporters saw in the supplier warehouse of Netease Koala in Dongjiang cross-border e-supplier that more than 200 operators work hard in the production lines to sort, pack, and load while trucks of three courier companies trans load in an orderly manner.

"At 7:00 on November 11th, orders of Netease Koala Dongjiang warehouse exceeded 35,000, and the first batch of express delivery vehicles set off at 8:00 a.m. from the district. This year we invested red envelopes with 200 million yuan for the 'double 11' day, 4 times of manpower and 24-hour shift operations, to constantly optimize the efficiency of warehousing and logistics, and to protect the "double 11" distribution efficiency," said a relevant official of Netease Koala to reporters. This is their first experience in Dongjiang Free Trade Port after their settlement for the "Double 11", and Tianjin cross-border e-commerce platform has an overall smooth operation, and thus it withstood the test of the peak so the basic systematic problems have not occurred. The company has been working overtime from midnight to complete the order processing and packaging work, to ensure that consumers in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region can get te delivery of their orders in the next day. The responsible person also said that in order to ensure the delivery efficiency, they have opened the "direct delivery" mode in the core hub city including Tianjin – the  delivery started from Dongjiang Free Trade Port went directly to the destination of second-level transfer fields, to bypass the warehouses of large transit fields with explosive parcels. Compared to other platforms, this mode speeds up at least 24 hours.

Relevant person in charge of global purchasing of Jingdong said that Tianjin No. 1 warehouse (mother and baby goods) and No. 2 warehouse (all kinds of goods) have now officially opened their warehouses in the bonded area to provide guarantee for the "Double 11" cross-border e-commerce online shopping.

Business volume amounts to 38.67 million so logistic companies use surprising methods to deal with large volume.

It is claimed that during this year's "double 11" period, Tianjin is expected to send the main business delivery of 38.67 million parcels, and the peak was expected on the 12th, with an estimation of 7.25 million, 40% up year on year.

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of safe delivery to the hands of consumers, Tianjin express delivery enterprises have also "launched" new technologies and equipment to enhance the efficiency of express mail processing.

Relevant person in charge of ShunFeng told reporters that the use of machine learning and other technologies can enhance the forecast shipment volume to smaller outlets in the city, the administrative district and even to each delivery site, to achieve a more rational and efficient overall resource allocation. Branch warehousing has been done ahead of schedule so parcels are in the same city, which solves the problem of express warehouse explosion at the "double 11" day from the upper stream of the supply chain. The new installation of cross-courier cross-automatic sorting equipment equipped with a spiral transmission slide, 152 stalls and more than 300 mobile sorting partition cars by Zhongtong Logistics also have automatic camera scanning and other functions. One inbound shipment goes from unloading to security and then to the automatic sorting chain, handling up to 15,000 couriers per hour at peak hours, improving efficiency by 30% to 50% over manual sorting.

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