Children’s Pavilion Will be Decorated in the Eco-city Library and Archives to Highlight the Features of Singapore

2017-11-16 11:05

At present, as one of the major people-benefiting projects of Binhai New Area, the main structureof Sino-Singapore Eco-city Library and Archives has been completed. Indoor refined decoration construction and related equipment installation will be begun,completed by the end of June 2018, begun trial operation in July, and be officially opened on September 28.The pavilion is located in Sino-Singaporefriendlypark in the middle of eco-city, adjacent to the main center city life in the future.Theplanned library collects 1.5 million booksand archives collect1 million volumes.

The pavilion has obvious characteristics of Singapore. For example,the ecological children's pavilion, covering about 1,500 square meters, mainly serves children’s activities aged between 6 and 12 years, and is designed by funding of Singapore.The Singapore theme pavilion covers about 1,600 square meters, which is designed by Singapore and provides books published inSingapore.

The pavilion will focus on purchasing on all kinds of literature resources relating to the dominant industry of eco-city in the collection resources construction, which accounts for about 40% of total procurement.It is expected that the pavilionwill reach the collective scale of 300,000 books, 840 kinds of journalsand 1,600 audio and video products when it opens.

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