14 THT Enterprises Join China International Medical Equipment Fair

2017-11-22 12:01

According to the latest news learned on November 16, 58 enterprises from Tianjin, under the overall arrangements by THT Trade Development Bureau and Tianjin Chamber of Commerce of Medical Equipment, joined the “78th China International Medical Equipment Fair” held in Kunming. Among them, 14 enterprises are medical equipment exporters registered in Tianjin High-Tech Area.

On the Fair, related officials from THT Trade Development Bureau said that Tianjin High-Tech Area took advantages of the “Coordinated Development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei” and established its future development as a base for medical equipment exportation and would build its market position as a “Characteristic Industrial Chain”. In the future, it will focus on the national strategy of “Belt and Road Initiative” to strengthen economic relations with foreign countries. Besides, supported by the medical device exhibition established by Norinco International Cooperation in East Africa, the medical infrastructure construction projects by China Hydropower Thirteenth Bureau in Africa and the logistics and warehousing supports by CREC, THT will put forth efforts to solve the exportation issues challenging SMEs and to facilitate their promotion and growth in international markets. THT will work out plans to attract overseas talents, to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in international markets.

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