Community Education in Binhai New Area won many national honors

2017-11-22 12:43

Recently, Community Education in Binhai New Area won many national honors. At the national opening ceremony of the National Lifelong Learning Week 2017 in Hefei, Zhang Zhenlian, a welder from Sinopec Fourth Construction Company recommended by Binhai New Area, came to the fore. He was rated as the "Model Star of Learning by the Ministry of Education and China Adult Education Association" (A total of 11 people nationwide) – this is the first time for any citizen of Binhai New Area to win this award. In the meantime, the "Lectures to benefit the people and academia" submitted by the Dagang Community College in Binhai New Area was named the "National Lifelong Learning Brand"; Taiping Adult Culture and Technology School was named "National Excellent Continuing Education Institution". In addition, the "Selection of the First Batch of Schools of Urban and Rural Community Education", jointly sponsored by the Professional Committee of Rural Adult Education of China of the Adult Education Association and the Community Education Research and Training Center of the Ministry of Education, recently came to an end. The community college of Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) was elected as the "Family Education Characteristic School" – only 4 characteristic schools in this kind in the whole country.

In recent years, Binhai New Area has continuously increased investment in community education and continuously promoted the construction of a learning-oriented district with good achievements. Since 2013, four citizens in Binhai New Area have successively won the titles of "Star for Learning of the People in the People's Republic of China". Three community educational programs have been awarded the title of "Lifelong Learning Brand in China" reaching the world level.

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