ICBC Leasing signed a 1.1-Billion-USD deal for aircraft engines

2017-11-22 12:44

Recently, a reporter learned from the Municipal Financial Leasing Association that ICBC Leasing registered in Binhai New Area signed an agreement with General Electric Company CFM International in Beijing to order 80 large jetliner engines for 40 Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts leased by ICBC - LEAP-1B engines with a deal valued at 1.1 billion US Dollars. ICBC Leasing will start receiving the batch of engines in 2018.

According to the person in charge of ICBC Leasing, ICBC Leasing has been cooperating with CFM International for many years and the cooperation between the two parties goes well. CFM International is a leading international aircraft engine manufacturer. Currently, LEAP series engines have been assembled on more than 80 aircrafts leased by ICBC and been leased to 18 customers for commercial operation, with routes across four continents. With a total fleet of nearly 150,000 cycles and 300,000 flight hours, the fleet has maintained its CFM industry-leading reliability and highest utilization at this level of thrust.

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