Tianjin Port receives 160 international cruises this year

2017-11-22 12:49

On November 16, the reporter learned from Tianjin International Cruise Home Port that Diamond International Cruise Lines and its "Brilliant" international cruise liner settled in Tianjin and successfully opened its first maiden in the Home Port. As of the date, Tianjin Port completed a total of 160 international cruise ship receptions and more than 880,000 passengers entering and leaving the country this year, 35% up year-on-year.

It is claimed that the Diamond International Cruise Liner, affiliated to the Brilliant Tourism Development Group, is China's only private enterprise with the qualifications of the development and operation of international cruise liners, and is also the first domestic ship model upgraded from the transformation of the scope of business throughout the cruise industry chain, with professional operations and management of cruise ships. The maiden voyage of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port is entitled "Brilliant", with a captain of 181.4 meters and a total tonnage of 24,782 tons. It can carry more than 1,100 passengers and plans to open four voyages from Tianjin Port as its home port this year.

Mi Ming, the captain of the "Brilliant" international cruise liner, said that this year they will focus on the development of the cruise market in the northern China. Tianjin is the most important cruise home port in the North. The policy advantages of the cruise industry are obvious and the hardware infrastructure is perfect. Therefore, we must establish a Cruise Home Port route here.

It is also claimed that along with the gradual warming of winter cruise travels, this year, Tianjin International Cruise Homeport is expected to receive more than 170 cruise ships, and the passenger reception volume will exceed 900,000, setting another record high.

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