Tianjin High-tech Area "Innovative and Entrepreneurial Force" National Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition Is Started

2017-11-23 14:08

The competition adopts the "three network linkage" including mobile Internet, broadcasting network and television network for the first time, gives full play to the role of "innovative and entrepreneurial force" platform, realizes innovative and entrepreneurial force interconnectivity, knowledge sharing, resource sharing and crossover linkage, builds a platform for innovative entrepreneurs by combing projects, mentors and financing elements, and provides a stage for showing the innovative ideas and business strength. The competition will play a positive role in gathering innovation entrepreneurship resources and activating innovation entrepreneurship atmosphere.

In the starting ceremony, the competition logo and mascot are unveiled, and also the characteristic innovative and entrepreneurial training conference is held, which lay a good foundation for developing of "innovative and entrepreneurial force" national innovation entrepreneurship competition.

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