Cost-Efficient Entrepreneurship and Innovation Environment

2017-12-04 11:14

BHNA will take proactive actions to establish cooperation with the areas with intensive entrepreneurship and innovation resources, such as the Haidian District, Zhongguancun and the Finance Street in Beijing. Besides, efforts will be made to introduce the finance, trade and R&D organizations in scientific institutes, leading enterprises and major group companies and to encourage them to establish entrepreneurship and innovation platforms and technology development organizations in the CBD of Tianjin. We will build an industry-wide collaborative innovation platform, and by combining with the industrial development in Tianjin CBD, we will build an alliance with Beijing and Hebei Province in terms of public innovation and cross-border E-Commerce and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Healthcare Big Data Platformin order to further promote the reasonable flow of innovation resources. We will work proactively to explore the commercialization of scientific achievements in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, establish related markets in Tianjin for such commercialization, and improve our regional technology transaction markets and service systems to build up the technology-finance cooperation platform.

We will make efforts to develop the professional “Entrepreneurship and Innovation” platforms. We will encourage and attract central enterprises, industrial leaders and scientific organizations of universities and institute in Beijingby integrating all resources currently available and in order to introduce new technologies, products and industries throughout the industrial chain and build leading public innovation platforms and professional incubation organizations. Besides, we will encourage the R&D and innovation and will make special and targeted policies to support the technological innovation activities. The policies will support the industry-university-research innovation platform of universities, research institutes and enterprises, as well as academician and postdoctoral centers, enterprise technology centers.

We will further promote the pilot policies of “Job and Settlement”, to provide a favorable environment for talents and business starters to settle in the CBD to encourage the long-term innovation. We will accelerate the construction of Yujiapu Innovation Apartment to provide satisfactory life services for business starters and talents in the base.

We will build the demonstrative talent service platform in Yujiapu, and cooperate with famous talent hunters to build the “Online + Offline” talent service platform and help the enterprises to recruit new employees.

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