Quality and quantity of domestic-funded financial leasing pilot enterprises in Dongjiang FTP enhanced

2017-12-04 11:16

Recently, with the approval of the seventh batch of domestic-funded financial leasing pilot projects in China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone, 19 additional domestic-funded financial leasing pilot enterprises have been added to the Dongjiang Free Trade Port. The total number of domestic-funded financial leasing pilot enterprises in the Dongjiang FTP has risen to 57, further forming a demonstration driven effect. Up to now, there are 79 pilot domestic-funded financial leasing companies in Tianjin, accounting for over 70% of Tianjin's total registered capital in Dongjiang FTP, with a total registered capital of 32.8 billion yuan.

It is claimed that with the strong support from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau and other departments, the Dongjiang FTP has attracted a large number of leading enterprises from central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and industries to settle down and to declare the qualifications of domestic-funded financial leasing. State-owned enterprises such as CCT Investment, China Merchants Investment, China Merchants Group Leasing, CSIC Heavy Industries, FAW Leasing and other state-owned enterprises, as well as projects such as Shentie Leasing, Jin Gang Leasing, Kunpeng Leasing and Easy Leasing have all settled in the Dongjiang FTP and have acquired qualifications for domestic financing leasing pilots. With the first tests of leasing industry in the Dongjiang FTP and its comprehensive innovative service platform, they can work together to accelerate the healthy, prosperous and sustainable development of the financial leasing industry.

In addition to the traditional business of vessels, equipment and rail transit, the pilot enterprises' main businesses have expanded to emerging business fields such as new energy vehicles, medical & healthcare equipment and infrastructure, and they have realized the diversification of plates and business model innovation. For example, Xinxin Finance Leasing has completed the first intangible asset leasing business in Tianjin with an asset value of 380 million yuan. While filling in the blank of the intangible asset leasing business in Tianjin, the company has also innovated the financial leasing business model and promoted the integration of financial leasing and technological innovation. At present, nearly 90% of domestic-funded financial leasing pilot enterprises in the Dongjiang FTP have conducted actual business activities and have contributed tax revenues. Some key enterprises have made outstanding contributions to tax revenues and become important engines for boosting regional economic development.

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