Binhai New Area in winte: A different kind of beauty

2017-12-06 17:53

To enjoy the charm of winter in Russia in the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, to enjoy a healthy spa in Longda and to explore the "Internet hit Library" ... Yesterday the reporter learned from the Tourism Department of Binhai New Area that this winter, in order to make the tourist market in Binhai New Area "have prosperous business in low season", all tourist attractions and cultural exhibition sites fully tap their own tourism resources, and they will launch more than ten winter theme festival activities to provide more places to go in winter for the public.

Prosperous business in low season makes theme parks full of winter features.

"There is no low season market, only the low season thinking," this sentence is no exception for the tourism industry. "Since the beginning of this year, some scenic spots in Binhai New Area are gradually changing their thinking modes of 'low season in the winter', intensifying publicity efforts and appropriately adjusting ticket fees while introducing more activities to attract customers," said a responsible person from the tourism department in Binhai New Area.

It is claimed that the TEDA Aircraft Carrier Theme Park will host the Fourth Kingdom of Snow i.e. the Snow-cum Aircraft Carrier Ice Snow Festival and the "Exciting Winter" activities. In the snow-capped streets with penguins, snowmen and Santa sculpture for tourists to take group photos while Russian performers and tourists will perform interactive performances. "Snow Grandpa" and "Snow Girl" in Russian fairy tales will be dressed in Russian national costumes and tourists can take group photos. In addition to the original "Happy Snow Circle", the Park Area will also build a 60-㎡ice rink this year. Ice skating rink and snow bumper cars will be set up in the ice rink, and full hydraulic snow turn, snow banana boats and children slides project will also be introduced. Visitors can experience the joy brought by ice and snow.

In addition, the reporter also learned that, in order to attract more tourists to come to play in winter, Tianjin Fantawild World and other scenic spots also introduced low season ticket prices, the hotel accommodation price will not be too high during the low season – this has attracted some guests who want to go to play during high season but are limited by financial capacity.

Various new patterns show charm of hot spring cruises.

In addition to the colorful winter activities in theme parks, citizens also have a variety of choices such as hot springs, cruises, and exhibitions during this winter season. For example, in the Longda International Eco-tourism Resort, in order to enrich the public recreational lifestyle, introduces Tangquan Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Spring, free New Year Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Spring, Longda Spring Night and other activities, which will all be brought to tourists. In addition, The exhibition hall of the Olympic Museum in Dagang Street will host the "Olympic Cultural Exhibition", which is open to the public free of charge. Through the Olympic collection, people will feel the charm of the Olympic culture.

At the same time, the "Internet hit Library" operated by the government from the "November 1" - Binhai New Area Library, attracted many citizens and tourists with its science-fiction and futuristic sense of design. Many citizens think this is a very good holiday destination. According to statistics, from the end of October, the daily average number of visitors to the Library has reached more than 18,000.

In addition, the reporter also learned that Tianjin International Cruise Homeport this year has achieved full-year operation. During this winter, citizens can choose international luxurious cruises such as Costa "Atlantica" and travel to Japan and South Korea for the pleasure of traveling by sea during holidays. "Now it is a low season of cruise tourism, and the price is very affordable. Sometimes it only costs five or six thousand yuan for family travel. This price can never be possible in the high season. With Christmas and New Year's Day approaching, the cruise also has a variety of theme activities so it is a good choice for family winter travel," said the person in charge of Tianjin International Cruise Home Port.

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