Ten enterprises in TEDA won Excellent Innovation Studio Awards

2017-12-06 17:55

Recently, the TEDA Federation of Trade Unions held the Innovation Studio Awarding Ceremony 2017, which was attended by 19 innovative enterprises including Rockets, Cansino, PPG Coatings, Continental Automotive, and Marker Furniture. In the end, Innovations Studios of 10 companies like Cansino, won the "Excellent Innovation Studio Awards 2017".

In recent years, the construction of the innovation workshops of the TEDA General Trade Union has been deepened and its important role in personnel training and technical research has been given full play. Up to now, a total of 39 innovative studios have been established and achieved remarkable results in 2017. Among them, the model workers and highly-skilled personnel made innovative achievements, with a total of 331 patents and a total economic benefit of 68.56 million yuan, 24112 trainings and 1117 trainees; 61,623 innovative results have been achieved by innovation workplaces and 26,390 employees were involved in innovation and improvement, creating economic benefits of more than 92.47 million yuan.

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