Binhai High-tech Index hit a record high, 40% up year-on-year

2017-12-06 17:56

It is claimed from Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone that Binhai High-tech Index (2017), which was jointly launched by Tianjin High-tech Industrial Zone and Tianjin Science Institute, was officially released. As a comprehensive measure of the economic development of Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone, in 2016, the Index and its growth of Tianjin High-tech Industrial Zone hit record highs, reaching 748.15 points and 44.46% respectively, hitting a record high growth rate.

From the indicators of Binhai Hi-tech Index, we can see that the development of Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone shows a good trend. First, sound and rapid economic development show and the total economic volume reaches a new level. The GDP of the entire zone exceeded 150 billion yuan and the general budget revenue hit 10 billion yuan for the first time and achieved strong growth. Second, the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship has been continuously enhanced. In 2016, the expenditures of local science and technology in Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone increased by 51.25% over the previous year, and the investment in science and technology innovation maintained a high level. The strength of innovation entities has been continuously enhanced. At present, the number of high-tech enterprises and listed companies accounts for one quarter of the total amount of Tianjin. The output value of hi-tech industry in the zone reached 66 billion yuan, 34% up year-on-year. Third, regional innovation and ecology keep optimizing. The environment support index grew rapidly, contributing 85% of the total index growth. The emphasis on government support for science and technology rose sharply. In 2016, the three-level index of finance and financial support for the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone witnessed a substantial increase. In particular, the all-inclusive policies - such as the implementation of the tax relief policies for hi-tech enterprises and the significant reduction of high-tech enterprises, effectively promoted the innovation of science and technology enterprises. In respect of the construction of innovative platforms, there are 28 incubators and mass innovation and entrepreneurship makerspaces above the municipal level in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, and 14 national-level incubators and mass innovation and entrepreneurship makerspaces, ranking the first in Tianjin.

Overall, in 2016, Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone continued to show strong development momentum and reserved power with a good momentum. However, there are also some problems in its development. Compared with the previous year, the total revenue of enterprises and the proportion of profits have dropped. More and more enterprises in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone have further accelerated their transformation and upgrading, making innovation and development more and more urgent. These will be problems to be solved in the future by Tianjin National Indigenous Innovation Demonstration Zone.

It is claimed that the Binhai Hi-tech Index is the first index reference for science and technology innovation in Tianjin jointly launched by Tianjin Municipal Science Institute of Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone. It fully draws on the Silicon Valley Index, Zhongguancun Index and other domestic and international high-tech index system, and is composed of more than 40 indicators. The Index is based on the year 2008 and its exponent is set at 100 with annual release.

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