NEVS Tianjin project started production: New energy automotive industry in TBNA ushered in outbreak

2017-12-08 10:19

On December 5, as the NEVS 9-3 new energy vehicle, developed based on the advanced Phoenix new energy automobile platform, gradually formed a factory production line, the NEVS Tianjin Project officially started production at Future Science and Technology City in the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone. The project is a joint venture between China National Electric Vehicle Sweden Limited (NEVS) and Chinese partner for pure electric passenger cars with investment in R & D, production and sales of in the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone. The first phase will produce 50,000 pure electric passenger cars and the planned production capacity will reach 220,000.

From October 2015 when the groundbreaking started to January 2017 when it obtained the production qualification for new pure electric passenger cars by the National Development and Reform Commission, and until now its manufacturing scale and product quality are at the leading level of new energy vehicles, after the NEVS project settled in Binhai New Area, it continues to change and to make breakthrough.

Its project service capability radiates the Asian Pacific region.

Some industry experts believe that with the booming new energy technologies and information technologies, pure electric vehicles will not only replace conventional fuel-driven cars, but they will also become the leading pillar of the third industrial revolution. However, China's new energy vehicle market is huge and its supporting system is sound. Under the new era of developing a green economy, it is expected to lead the construction of the global new energy vehicle industrial chain and vehicle application sharing mode in an overall development way.

Jiang Dalong, Chairman of the NEVS new energy vehicles, told reporters that in 2012, the state-owned electric vehicle Sweden Limited (NEVS) successfully acquired Sweden's Saab Motor Company, which has a history of nearly 75 years, and launched the new brand "NEVS" to replace the SAAB brand and to be determined to develop the new energy automotive industry. This time with the start of the Tianjin project, the service of the NEVS Tianjin project will be based on China to radiate the Asia Pacific region.

"In addition to focusing on the domestic market, the NEVS project will also start production in late 2018 with the business facing the European and American markets, by which time the Group will have the capacity to produce 500,000 high-end electric vehicles per year," said Jiang Dalong. China and Sweden have complementary strengths in technologies, markets and other resources and will greatly reduce the product development cycle and manufacturing costs, so as to form a strong competitive advantage and market influence in the world.

Expanding the new ecology of new energy vehicles

Insiders pointed out that the main transport vehicle transport Internet based on new energy vehicles, energy network based on UHV technology as the backbone and the rapid development of Internet technology will form a "triple play", which is the largest technological revolution and resource integration in the future development. Under such a trend, new energy vehicles will take the lead in popularizing the existing operational transportation system and driving the adjustment of the entire industrial structure.

Jiang Dalong believes that the development of new energy automotive companies cannot fall into the logic of "producing cars and selling cars" as in traditional market. To this end, the NEVS will cooperate with DiDi Travel and the Global Energy Internet Organization to jointly establish the "Global New Energy Vehicle Services Company", which will provide the world's leading new energy automotive services and explore a green and sustainable enterprise development path.

"We will develop tailor-made cars according to the demand for DiDi Travel," Jiang Dalong told reporters that DiDi Travel, as the world's leading one-stop travel platform, is expected to reach 1 million EVs running on its platform by 2020. And NEVS Motors will be one of its major partners, to carry out further cooperation with DiDi Travel in the field of electric vehicles.

Unspoken efforts to prioritize "intelligent technology"

Now, many car enthusiasts are keen to explore the new energy vehicles, which "are positioned as neither cars nor cars". Jiang Dalong also gave his own reply during the production launch ceremony. "In the future, a car will not only be a traveling carrier, but it will also be a mobile office, a mobile home or an integrated mobile platform, which will increasingly need to realize interconnection and interoperability. And the rapid development of electric vehicle industry will play a positive role in promoting the construction of energy Internet." He believes that the motorization of the car is only the first step, while a new energy intelligent car network era is approaching, with in-depth integration of sharing, intelligence and network.

According to reporters’ observation, NEVA is not the only state-owned motor company aiming at "intelligent" new energy vehicles in Binhai New Area. Earlier, Ericsson, headquartered in the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, officially became a partner with Microsoft to jointly develop a smart car that defines the way to travel in the future. It is claimed that the seventh pure electric cars will be equipped with the Microsoft Azure platform and be expected to be launched in 2019, with integrated functions such as AI personal assistant, voice control, mobile device content sharing, as well as video and voice conferencing and so on.

According to the main person in charge of the Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone, as early as eight years ago, it has begun layout of new energy automotive industry, relying on core supporting enterprises for new energy vehicles such as Lishen Battery, CLP Eighteen, etc., to create an electric vehicle industrial ecology which leads the country with global influence. It has now formed a whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles ranging from vehicle manufacturing, power battery, motor control, R & D center to maintenance system, service system and investment institution.

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