Eco-city and China Mobile Tianjin Branch signed an agreement: Binhai New Area ushered in the era of 5G

2017-12-08 10:19

On December 5, the reporter learned from the Baidu (Binhai) Innovation Center Launching Ceremony, i.e., Tianjin Artificial Intelligence Application Forum 2017, held in the Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park that currently, the Administrative Committee of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and China Mobile Tianjin Branch officially signed an agreement. China Mobile Tianjin Branch will set up a 5G pilot in the Eco-city and Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park so that the public can experience a "Smart City" in Binhai New Area.

According to reports, the Administrative Committee of the Eco-city and China Mobile Tianjin Branch signed an agreement saying the China Mobile will set up an equipment laboratory in the Eco-city and will provide the experimental scenario. The Eco-city will also develop smart tourism, use the current tourism resources to realize the smart application. In addition to the pilot in the Eco-city, Binhai - Zhongguancun Science Park will implement 5G applications for its scene management.

In addition, in terms of smart city construction, the Eco-city will develop and construct smart street lights, such as electronic road flags, intelligent display, sewage monitoring, and road traffic reminders and so on. In the meantime, the reporters learned from the interview that the Eco-city is currently working with Jingdong to actively promote the operation of unmanned delivery vehicles.

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