TBNA to create an "upgraded" version of Corporate Quality Management System

2017-12-08 10:26

On December 5,the reporter learned from the Market Supervision Authority of Binhai New Area that a few days ago Binhai New Area started the "upgrade action for quality management system of 10,000 enterprises", which aims at using the government as the guide, enterprises as the main entity, certification as the means and participation of all parties, to carry out a publicizing learning activity for quality management system standards, and to comprehensively enhance the quality management of enterprises in Binhai New Area.

It is reported that in this operation, Binhai New Area will organize self-study, training, home-based counseling and other means to help enterprises that have obtained or intended to apply for QMS certification to upgrade their understanding and application of new standards and modern quality management tools as soon as possible according to the new standard to establish their quality management systems. At the same time, enterprises that have obtained the certification of quality management system shall be promoted to complete the upgrading of certification and publication of quality management system before September 15, 2018, and the qualified enterprises shall be encouraged to apply for the "Quality Management System Certification Upgrade Certificate". According to reports, the "upgraded" version of quality management system certification, will upgrade the quality management system certification system to promote upgrading of enterprise quality management system, to guide all the staff and the whole society to participate in an all-round way throughout the whole process of the quality management, so that each stakeholder (including companies, consumers, supply chains, etc.) can benefit from quality improvement.

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