LinGang VTS system formally launches And escorts for development of Dagu KouPort District

2017-12-14 16:39

With the constant improvement of channel level of Lingang Dagu Kou port district and increase of quay berths, Lingang VTS management mode is adjusted accordingly.A few days ago, Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration organized and held Tianjin Lingang VTS system and officially launched user forum so as to further adapt to the port development, ensure the safety of ship navigation, and facilitate the port managers and various enterprises to grasp new change in VTS supervision and services.

It is reported thatthe Traffic Control Center of Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration, Lingang Management Committee and lingang Port Group Co., Ltdjointly signTianjin Lingang VTS system assets transfer agreement in the conference.The signing of the agreement declares that Tianjin Lingang VTS system is formally changed from company escrow to government regulation, which marks that Tianjin Lingang VTS system officially opens. Next, to take official opening of Tianjin Lingang VTS system as the new starting point, Lingang Port Group Co., Ltd will,together with governments and port management departments at all levels, join hands to create a good environment which is conducive to Dagu Kou Port District, make efforts to maintain the channel safety and realize the entire development of Lingang Economic Zone. 

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