Lingdong Makerspace in Binhai High-tech Industrial Zone to create a vertical incubation platform, to help makers create "internet short video clips"

2017-12-15 11:44

If you want to ask the outlet of investment and financing in the cultural industry currently, short video clips must be one of the hottest options. Since 2016 when papi got 12 million yuan as financing, the entire internet short video clips are all boosted. This year in September, life short video clips "Yitiao" has even completed round C financing of more than 40 million US Dollars. In addition, "Eclipse" "Ergeng" and other projects have also won millions of funds and have become the apples of the market. With successful stories in the past, now more and more young people are gearing up into the field of internet short video clips, trying to chase their entrepreneurial dreams here.

Reporter recently learned from the Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Zone that Lingdong Makerspace aiming at the internet short video clips is building a "network short video incubator platform" to provide technical support and industry resource services to short video clips.

"Because there is no threshold for short video clip platforms, most content providers are non-professionals and still have gaps compared to professional directors, video cameras, broadcast hosts or entertainers," said Liu Dianjun who is in charge of Lingdong Makerspace, to reporters. The " internet short video clips hatching platform" has carried out cooperation with more than 60 major domestic platform service providers, and achieved a leading position in the relevant technology.

"We are currently working with a Beijing-based technological company to build a short video incubator platform that can provide network technical support such as 'one-button launch of the entire network.' At the same time, relying on the relevant performing arts resources accumulated over the years, we also provide performances, shooting, editing and other related courses for the incubation projects," Liu Dianjun said. After a period of incubation, the project in the major short video platform gathers a steady flow, and then it also has the strength of the valuation, and will attract a number of sponsors or partners to help direct sales in hatchery procedure.

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