High-tech zonecreates life health valley which is led by stem cell genetic technology

2017-12-15 11:47

On December 12, "2017 Life Sciences Innovation and Development Submit Forum"was held in Tianjin high-tech zone."Jinyun" news reporter learns from the forum that Tianjin high-tech zone will focus on creating "life health valley" project which is led by stem cell genetic technology, and will build the precise health management system of the full life cycle in the future.

It is reported that the project plans to choose inTanggu Marine Science and Technology Park ofTianjin high-tech zone, and will bebuilt and developed with the help of Vcanland Holding Group and VCANBIO CELL & GENE ENGINEERING CORP., LTD as well as well-known enterprises at home and abroad and institutions hand in hand. The core functional area of the project will be constructed around "one center, three bases and five health industry groups". Around "big health industry" center, construct "biological medicine base", "gene detection and edit medical base" "international health service base", create "medicine and medical equipment research and development manufacturing industry group", "precise medical industry group", "biomedical data industry group," "health management industry group" and "health and pension industry group," lead with stem cell technology and genetic testing (including gene sequencing) and gene editing technology, and build the full life cycle precise health management system.

After the completion of the project, it will become the first-class cell research and development, incubation and industrialization zone in the world;The global first-class genetic testing (including gene sequencing) and gene editing platform;Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei first population full aged biological resource and big data platform of grade 10-million;the largest industrial base which integrates pension products, pension services and professional talent training in Northern China;the global first-class cell gene technology transformation industrial base;The world's top life sciences cooperation and exchange platform.The project will become a demonstration project which stands on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, radiates throughout the country, and influences the world, and contributes to development of China's 2030.

Director of Tianjin High-tech Zone Management Committee, Wang Sheng said, "Tianjin high-tech zone, as the national independent innovation demonstration zone, upon location, environment and service advantages, is building new energy and new energy vehicles, a new generation of information technology and big health key industries.The reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly point out "implementation of the strategy of health China".In order to promote the big health industry development, Tianjin high-tech zone is trying to build a first-class environment, creating the first-class atmosphere and gathering first-class talents. For experts and scholars, entrepreneurs and scientists who starts up business and investsin high-tech zone, Tianjin high-tech zone will provide high-quality servicesand convenient guarantee, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of investors and staff in the areain accordance with the law, help development of the life health industry in the zone, even radiateBeijing-Tianjin-Hebei and northeast Asia, and build internationally competitive life sciences industry innovation center."

In the forum, top experts and scholars in the field of life science, medical institutions and research institutes at home and abroad, as well as precise health industry enterprises, around the "precise medical, leading the future" forum theme, carry out exchanges on precise medical development trend and frontier technology industrialization path exploration, life health and precise medical topics. Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gao Fu, Wang Fusheng and Shi Yigong, Professor of Blood Diseases Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences,Cheng Tao,Dean of College of Pharmacy of Nankai University, Yang Cheng, as well as Chief Technology Officer of VCANBIO CELL & GENE ENGINEERING CORP., LTD, Luo Xi, make wonderful reports on the mainprecise medical industry research direction and hotspot technology at home and abroad such as antibodies and immune therapy, cell and stem cell therapy, precise diagnosis and individualized treatment.

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